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Achieve Optimal Integration with Hermetix’s Glass to Metal Sealing Process

Are you searching for an innovative glass to metal sealing process that offers superior thermal and mechanical properties for your optoelectronic packaging needs? Look no further than Hermetix, the leading provider of cutting-edge metal packaging solutions. Our glass to metal sealing process, incorporating Kovar material, ensures enhanced performance and seamless integration. Read on to discover the exceptional features and transformative applications of our industry-leading technology.

Enhanced Thermal and Mechanical Properties

Hermetix’s glass to metal sealing process is designed to deliver exceptional thermal and mechanical properties. By incorporating Kovar material in our sealing process, we achieve optimal thermal expansion matching between the glass and metal components. This ensures improved reliability and stability, making it ideal for applications where temperature fluctuations are critical.

Seamless Integration

With Hermetix’s glass to metal sealing process, seamless integration is at the core of our design. Our optoelectronic packages come equipped with 54 leads, providing ample connectivity options to meet the demands of complex systems. Additionally, the inclusion of a fiber optic channel allows for effortless integration with fiber optic components, enabling efficient transmission of data and signals. The assembly eyelids ensure secure and reliable packaging, protecting the delicate internal components of your devices.

Applications of Hermetix’s Glass to Metal Sealing Process

Hermetix’s glass to metal sealing process finds extensive application in various industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, medical, and defense. Our technology is well-suited for optoelectronic devices, such as laser diodes, photodiodes, optical sensors, and fiber optic transmitters. The enhanced thermal and mechanical properties provided by our glass to metal sealing process ensure optimal performance, increased product lifespan, and improved overall reliability in these critical applications.


With the incorporation of Kovar material and meticulous attention to seamless integration, Hermetix guarantees optimal performance and reliability for your optoelectronic packages. Experience the transformative power of Hermetix’s glass to metal sealing process in a wide range of applications and trust in our commitment to delivering unmatched quality and innovation.

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