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Compare the photography capabilities of different iPhone models

With just a photo of the same angle, you can compare the photography capabilities of 8 iPhone models that have been released from 2007 to the present.

Photographer Lisa Bettany has taken a lot of photos at the same angle with all iPhone models released from 2007 to now and then put the photos side by side to compare the photography capabilities.
The first iPhone and iPhone 3G did not have autofocus, so they couldn’t take close-up (macro) photos. See the enlarged image below, we will see more clearly the difference in the quality of close-up photos of the iPhone models.
Until the 4s, the image quality has been significantly improved, and the brightness and details are much better than the previous iPhone models. In other words, the quality of photos taken on the iPhone 6s is a hundred times better than the original iPhone.
With portrait photography, we can see that the image quality is not too different, but it is undeniable that the brightness and detail of the iPhone 6s are much better than the original iPhone. We can also see that as early as 2007 the original iPhone was able to take very good portraits, not much worse than the iPhone 4. The iPhone 6s’ portrait shots were more vivid, sharper, and skin-toned. more like real skin. You can see the sharpness of the image from the enlarged photo above.
Backlit photos clearly reflect the improvements of the iPhone camera in handling high-contrast light and reducing noise. iPhone 3Gs stand out among older smartphones thanks to its warm tones and high contrast. The contrasting details on the boat are captured quite well by the iPhone 5, 5s, and 6. The boat looks pretty sharp and you can see the detail of the mountains and clouds in the background. The image quality is quite impressive.
Looking at the backlit close-up photos, you will definitely be impressed with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, even better than the iPhone 5, 5s, and 6. However, neither model can beat the iPhone 6s in the test. this challenge. The photo taken by the latest iPhone model has a fairly balanced light with the sun behind the subject and the details are sharp, the colors are clearly separated.
When considering outdoor photos, we need to pay attention to the white balance, contrast, and sharpness of the image. In photos taken by the original iPhone, 3G has low contrast and a blue tint. iPhone 3Gs are always special, photos taken with this iPhone model always have warm tones and good color saturation. On the iPhone 4s, the photo is white balance more accurate. Sharpness is improved a lot on iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s models.
In low light conditions, the iPhone 6 takes brighter photos than the iPhone 6s, but the images taken by the iPhone 6s have high contrast, detail, and less noise. The original iPhone and 3G couldn’t capture the subject clearly, but you can see a noticeable improvement from the iPhone 3Gs onwards.
Every year, Apple improves some aspects of the iPhone camera. iPhone makes it easy to capture and share memories. Every new iPhone gives us a better tool to take better pictures.
iPhone 6s is the best camera iPhone model currently with sensor improvements, software updates, and a new A9 processor. Apple has improved a lot in terms of autofocus speed and improved color accuracy, detail, and sharpness, especially the low-light ability of the camera on the iPhone 6s.

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