Accurate and efficient veterinary hematology analysis plays a crucial role in diagnosing and monitoring the health of animals. Edan, a trusted brand in the medical technology industry, introduces the H30 Vet, a compact 3-part veterinary hematology analyzer. With its user-oriented design, and remaining reagent detection, the H30 Vet offers veterinary professionals a powerful and reliable solution for comprehensive blood analysis.

User-Oriented Design for Seamless Veterinary Hematology Analysis

The H30 Vet is designed with veterinary professionals in mind, offering a user-friendly interface and intuitive workflow. Its compact size and ergonomic design ensure ease of use and convenience in any veterinary practice. With a small 6.5uL test volume for whole blood , the analyzer minimizes the need for large sample sizes, reducing discomfort for the animals and making the testing process more efficient.

Remaining Reagent Detection for Cost-Effective and Reliable Testing

The H30 Vet incorporates advanced sensors for remaining reagent detection, optimizing the usage of reagents and reducing waste.  This feature not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also guarantees the reliability of test results. By detecting and alerting users of low reagent levels, the analyzer helps to prevent inaccurate readings and ensures consistent and accurate analysis for veterinary professionals.


Edan’s H30 Vet, a compact 3-part veterinary hematology analyzer, revolutionizes veterinary hematology analysis with its user-oriented design, and remaining reagent detection functionality. Embrace Edan’s H30 Vet to enhance your veterinary practice, providing comprehensive and efficient hematology analysis for the well-being of your animal patients.

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