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Four Key Benefits of Installing an Aeration Pump

Backyard ponds and lakes provide an abundance of natural beauty. If you’re lucky enough to have one on your property, proper aeration is the key to keeping it healthy. Installing the right pump helps minimize the amount of maintenance you’ll need to perform. Here are four major benefits of purchasing a new lake pump for your residential property.

Reduces Mosquito Activity

For those who like to lounge by the water during the summer months, mosquitos can be a real nuisance. A pump keeps lake water flowing constantly to prevent mosquito eggs from developing past the larval stage. While you can’t stop mosquitoes from breeding, it is possible to create an environment that discourages egg development.

Keeps Algae Under Control

Excess algae can eventually kill off the fish and plant life in a lake. A healthy aeration system adds oxygen to the water so algae are unable to grow and thrive. It also pushes present spores down to lower levels where they don’t receive the necessary sunlight needed to grow.

Banishes Stinky Odors

No one wants to host an outdoor party around a pond or lake that smells bad. When a lake is stagnant, the bottom layer of water often contains a good amount of hydrogen sulfide gas. This gas is what causes the foul odor. Quality aeration pumps for lakes work to keep the water flowing so it becomes oxygenated as it mixes.

Provides a Healthy Habitat for Fish

Fish need a certain amount of oxygen to survive. In order to meet their requirements, lake water needs to move around to prevent stratification from occurring. Water stratification is when layers form in a lake and lead to oxygen depletion. Both fish and plant life are negatively affected by this condition.

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While excess algae, foul smells, and pesky mosquitoes can always be dealt with, installing a pump helps remedy these issues before they become a major problem. Having the right accessories for your lake or pond lets you reap the benefits of a beautiful backyard without all the hassle.

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