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How To Install Hydroponic Air Pump For Your Reservoir

Hydroponic gardening is still at a nascent stage but its popularity is bound to grow in the near future as natural resources turn scarce day by day and the population is on the upward trend. Almost all kinds of hydroponic systems require some kind of an air pump, like a hydroponic aquarium air pump.

The hydroponic air pump you buy should efficiently work with the nutrient reservoir. It is quite obvious to state that this reservoir should be well oxygenated for maintaining optimum efficiency.

If you have thought about hydroponic gardening, then you certainly want the perfect plants and for this, the aquarium air pump is a must-buy. However, it also needs to be installed correctly for efficient functioning.

First and foremost, you need to determine the air tubing that you will require for the air stones to rest in the reservoir and where you want to place the air stones. You may leave a little bit of extra tubing. Certainly, you don’t want a lot since air will lose power over a certain distance.

If you want to seal the lid, then create a hole from the reservoir’s side. Put this hole closer to the top so that water does not spill out. This is the hole through which the air tubing will pass through. Now put the tubing through this hole made before you connect the air stone or the pump.

The next step is to connect the T connectors that you plan to use with your hydroponic aquarium air pump. T connectors are used for connecting two airlines for aerating two different stones. One large pump is capable of aerating several air stones in a single reservoir or it can also provide the necessary oxygen to multiple reservoirs. It is a good idea to use small air pumps for each of the reservoirs.

The next step is cutting the airline before it connects with each of the air stones for putting in check valves. These check valves make sure the air pump will not drain off the water if there is a power outage. Draining water in the pump can cause it to break. Now connect the stones to the airlines and place where you would like. It is good to connect heavier stones since they will stay stable at the reservoir’s bottom. If there are several air stones, scatter them evenly so the reservoir stays well-oxygenated at all times.

Now is the right time for hanging the hydroponic aquarium air pump if you wish to do it. Indeed, pumps can produce a lot of noise and also produce loud vibrations which some people do not like. Hence, the air pump that hangs should preferably be a quiet one. Connect the air tubing’s other end to the small connector that comes out of the air pump. Plug in the pump and start oxygenating the reservoir. Now, your hydroponics system is ready to use.

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