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Power Up Your Adventures with a Portable Power Station Australia

Whether you’re camping, road-tripping, or experiencing a power outage in your home, a portable power station Australia can keep you connected and powered up. Jackery, a trusted brand in the solar generator industry, offers a range of high-quality portable power station Australia products that are perfect for outdoor adventures and emergency situations.

Unleash Your Power Potential

With the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station, you can enjoy enormous charging capacity (2,160Wh) that can power all your required appliances, including hot plates, blenders, air conditioners, and more. The Explorer 2000 Pro is ideal for outdoor off-grid activities, camping, RV trips, or home emergency use. With its quick charging time of just 2 hours via AC wall outlet or fully charged in under 7 hours with 2 SolarSaga 100W solar panels, you can keep your devices charged and ready to go.

Safety and Reliability

Jackery’s portable power station Australia products are designed with safety and reliability in mind. The first-rate lithium battery houses two chips for dual battery protection and four temperature core detectors, guaranteeing the perfect blend of safe and reliable charging. With a simple press of a button, you can access outstanding charging efficiency in seconds.

Pass-Through Charging and Warranty

The portable power station supports pass-through charging, allowing you to charge your power station while essential devices are still plugged in, meaning you can charge on the go quickly and conveniently. With a 5-year warranty, including an additional 2-year extension on your warranty when ordering from the official website, you can enjoy peace of mind with your purchase.


With its enormous charging capacity, quick charging time, safety features, pass-through charging, and 5-year warranty, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station is a smart choice for outdoor enthusiasts, road warriors, and anyone who needs a backup power source. Power up your adventures with a Jackery portable power station Australia today!

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