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Saftty Thermal Protection: Escorts Your Water Pump

Thermal protection refers to a device installed inside a motor or electric compressor to prevent overheating that could lead to serious failure. Thermal protectors are widely used in water pumps because water pumps are classified as high-power machinery. Simply put, the most effective way to avoid water pump overheating problems is to install a thermal protector. This is a one-time investment – water pump thermal protection that may save you unnecessary repair bills.

Saftty ST07 Thermal Protector- Water Pump Thermal Protection

The ST07 can detect a single temperature. They are extremely sensitive to temperature and respond extremely accurately to temperature changes. This means they are able to detect problems with the pumps sooner when they occur.

The ST07 is designed with premium materials to ensure durability and longevity. Inferior thermal protectors are easily broken when the temperature changes too frequently. So Saftty’s thermal protectors allow you to reduce your pump repair and maintenance costs.

The gasket steel housing on this equipment makes it more suitable for the impregnation process. What you are looking at is the best performing water pump thermal protector on the market. It can make your water pump work better.

The ST07 is the most durable heat shield on the market. Lead wires and insulating bushings in different sections give it a long life and ensure top-notch protection for your water pump.


Saftty provides better pump thermal protection for your pump. We recommend you a high-quality thermal protector to better serve your water pump.

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