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Shine Polymer: Pioneering Chemical Modification of Polymers

Shine Polymer, a renowned name in the realm of polymer additives, has been at the forefront of chemical modification of polymers since its inception in 2003. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and quality, Shine Polymer has established itself as a trusted partner for industries relying on advanced polymer solutions. Through its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Guangzhou and Zhuhai, Shine Polymer delivers a diverse range of high-value polymer products, catering to the needs of sectors like plastics, rubber, and electronic chemicals.

Innovative Product Portfolio

Under the brand umbrella of Shinepoly┬«, Shine Polymer offers a wide array of polymer additives, each designed to enhance the performance and functionality of polymers across various applications. From impact modifiers to polymer processing aids, Shine Polymer’s product lineup is tailored to meet the evolving demands of modern industries. Whether it’s improving impact strength or optimizing processing efficiency, Shine Polymer’s innovative solutions are engineered to deliver tangible benefits to its customers.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

At Shine Polymer, quality and sustainability go hand in hand. With ISO9001 certification and a robust focus on lean management principles, the company ensures that every product meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. Moreover, Shine Polymer is dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability. Through its ISO14000 Environment Management System Certification and continuous innovation in eco-friendly additives, Shine Polymer strives to minimize waste and energy consumption while maximizing product performance.

Investment in Research and Development

A cornerstone of Shine Polymer’s success is its unwavering commitment to research and development. With a dedicated R&D center and substantial investments in technological innovation, Shine Polymer continuously pushes the boundaries of polymer additives manufacturing. By collaborating with reputable scientific research institutions and higher learning establishments, Shine Polymer stays abreast of the latest advancements in polymer science, ensuring that its products remain at the cutting edge of the industry.


With Shine Polymer’s innovative products, commitment to quality and sustainability, and relentless pursuit of technological advancement, Shine Polymer is not just a supplier but a trusted partner for industries seeking to unlock the full potential of polymers.

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