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Simplify and Accelerate Data Center Connectivity with Fibercan’s MPO Trunk Cables

Fibercan specializes in providing customized fiber optic solutions, including MPO trunk cables, to meet specific needs and requirements. Their custom cable assembly offers a wide range of features, high quality, and abundant OEM/ODM experience. With strong mold design capabilities and easy installation, Fibercan delivers tailored solutions for various applications, making them the ideal choice for telecommunications, FTTP, FTTA, FTTH and LTE base stations, waterproof installations, military applications, and data center system networks.

Simplify and Accelerate Data Center Connectivity with Fibercan's MPO Trunk Cables

Tailored Lengths and Connector Compatibility

Fibercan’s custom MPO trunk cables offer tailored lengths to suit specific installation requirements. Whether it’s a short-distance or long-distance connection, they can provide the desired cable length. Additionally, their cables are compatible with a wide variety of connector types, ensuring seamless connectivity in diverse network setups.

High-Quality and Reliable Performance

Fibercan prioritizes high quality in their custom cable assembly. Their MPO trunk cables are manufactured using premium materials and adhere to strict quality standards. This commitment to quality ensures reliable performance, low signal loss, and minimal interference, resulting in a seamless and efficient fiber optic network.


Fibercan is the go-to provider for customized MPO trunk cables, offering tailored fiber optic solutions for various applications. With their custom cable assembly, featuring tailored lengths, compatibility with various connector types, and high-quality construction, Fibercan ensures reliable and efficient performance in diverse network setups. Fibercan’s custom MPO trunk cables deliver the versatility and reliability needed for seamless connectivity.

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