The Importance of Using Mindray Intelligent AEDs

Establishing an emergency rescue system on campus may increase students’ safety awareness and decrease unintentional accidents. In addition, the prevalence of AED for schools is an integral component of the emergency rescue system. AEDs, also known as portable defibrillators, are medical equipment used to save cardiac arrest victims.

When a patient has a cardiac arrest, the AED may provide electric shocks to defibrillate the heart, restoring its normal rhythm and removing it from danger. This article will talk about the AED and a reliable supplier of it: Mindray.

Why is universal access to dependable AEDs so important?

Globally, heart disease is the leading cause of mortality, and sudden cardiac arrest is a substantial cause of death. Patients with sudden cardiac arrest may seem normal until they die. The great majority of cardiac arrests thus occur outside of hospitals.

Vital organs, such as the brain, are deprived of blood and oxygen delivery during cardiac arrest, leading to permanent cell death.

In around ten minutes, the patient’s ventricular fibrillation will cease, the heart will stop pumping, and brain cells will perish. However, the patient will perish irrevocably if timely life-saving measures are not administered. Therefore, the appropriate deployment of an automated external defibrillator is far more important than just waiting for medical experts to arrive.


In conclusion, Mindray’s AED is highly intelligent, has a stable and reliable system that enables non-medical personnel to administer first aid based on audio-visual instructions, and is widely used in public places outside of hospitals, such as subway stations, airports, schools, shopping malls, movie theaters, stadiums, etc.

In addition, the prevalence of AEDs in schools is a benefit for providing first assistance to kids experiencing cardiac arrest. Please visit the Mindray website for further information.

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