Turn Your Small Business Ideas To Big Business Returns

No capital? Lack expertise? Need help? Discover the 3 Secret Ingredients to making your Small Business Ideas Successful EFFORTLESSLY despite the economic recession.

A lot of successful people achieved success unconsciously with these elements in Business Personalisation Framework (BPF) falling in place. So when they go into another venture, they didn’t have this formula, business failures occur. So these are the 3 factors that must come in balance

  • your passion and experience,
  • your personality and
  • having your team compliment

There are no small business ideas but a small businessman” – anonymous

When I got the realization that I needed to start my own business. I began to read books and also looked out for any small business ideas that I can venture in. Of course, many small business ideas came but now looking back, the reason why I wasn’t able to make the right choice was that I had evaluation criteria that were inaccurate.

When I had a small business idea? I would ask questions like

  • Are there any competitorsand if there was, I quickly rejected the idea. Not know that having competition is actually advantageous as it creates a market.
  • Is the product sellableso if the price seems high, I concluded that it would be difficult to survive.
  • Is there a marketOften not, and I didn’t know that, in business, the opportunity lies in learning how to create the market.

No doubt these questions are important. However, I realized that these questions are really quite secondary.

When I started to work my business seriously, I put a lot of effort in making it work. The funny thing was that the more effort I put in, the more disappointed I get of not having any results. I couldn’t understand it. If I knew what I knew now, I would know how to start small business ideas and achieve success effortlessly.

It’s not too late for you now…

Your Passion and Experience

This is important because it is a natural motivator for us to pursue the business and to overcome any challenges that we face. Often times when you start your small business ideas, the one thing that often haunts us is “how to we do get information for this?” or “how do we do this?”. Whether you have experience or you have passion, any challenges can be easily resolved.

To help you identify where your strengths and passion for small business ideas, think about these questions:

1. What do you do that makes you really satisfied?
2. What is your greatest achievement so far?
3. What do people often compliment you on?

As you know, we have some innate strength in us, things that we do so easily that we may not even realize it ourselves. Your friends would probably notice it more than you have. It is a gift!

The best thing is that our small business ideas can be successful effortlessly when we understand our personality and our strengths. Subsequently, how to work with that.

What do Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger have in common? It turns out that they have a Star Wealth Profile as Roger Hamilton shared. Success is effortless when they think based on intuition rather than sensory. They are also extroverts and need to work with people to succeed.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Do you think based on intuition or based on sensory or facts?

How does this affect what I do?

Let me start by giving you an example, assuming that your small business ideas revolve around your passion and experience with the property. The Wealth Profiling by Roger Hamilton proved to be invaluable for me.

I discovered which personality profile I was and how I can get anything done in business effortlessly. Knowing your personality profile today is going to save you a lot of pain. Do you have wealth profiles like Bill Gates or Donald Triumph, Warren Buffet, or Oprah Winfrey? Roger’s book on Your Life, Your Legacy reveals the secret of how various successful people achieve success effortlessly from small business ideas.

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