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Ways to Make The Most of Your Commercial Refrigeration Space

If you own or run a commercial food operation, maximizing the cold space in your kitchen area is key to the success of your business. Refrigerated storage is vital for the smooth running of the restaurant.

A commercial fridge freezer is not a small piece of equipment, and often business owners complain of a loss of space when their new unit is installed. However, less space is not necessarily a bad thing as it can be a great reason to kick-start more efficient ways of working. There are specialist refrigeration designers who can help you get the most from your space and requirements, but there are also things you can do yourself.

Traffic Flow

Look at the space you have in your kitchen and how people currently move around it; what are the best routes between cold storage, water, preparation areas, other storage, and so on. There might be other efficiencies that could be made by swapping other equipment around. What areas could be grouped together to make working in your kitchen easier?

Think about where the fridge might go and mark out the space with tape, and ‘live with it’ for a few days before buying a new unit. Efficiency is the aim, both in terms of human output, but also in thinking about energy. Fridge Freezer Direct supplies commercial fridge freezers and can advise on the latest models and their energy efficiency levels.

Interior Design

As well as the space in the kitchen, consider the space inside the fridge, too. Could adding more shelves or rearranging the levels of those existing help? It is important for air to be able to flow around products, but fridges are more efficient when they are full. Would several smaller fridges be more suitable than one big one? For example, could you put high turnover products such as drinks in one unit so that others could keep the door closed for longer, which also helps the efficiency?

The Institute of Refrigeration is an independent charity set up for those whose work relies on refrigeration. They can advise on refrigeration applications and The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board is another forum for advice.

If you can’t find a solution that works, consider approaching a specialist design consultant and get your kitchen working at optimum efficiency.

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