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What do you need to know about the SAT test?

You have to prepare a lot before taking the SAT Test. Starting from taking the right preparation courses, SAT test subjects, materials tested on the SAT, and documents that must be prepared to motivate to study.

This article will cover what you should know and prepare to take the SAT. By doing careful preparation, the score obtained will be in line with expectations.

What SAT Course Is Right For You

The SAT test is divided into four parts. Maybe you feel confident doing the Math and Reading sections of the SAT but you definitely have doubts about writing essays.

Maybe you ask what kind of best course you need. You have several options to choose from according to your personality. Here are some learning methods that you can choose for the SAT test:

  1. In-person courses

One option is an in-person course, this is done in the same way as the classes you take at school, so if you learn best while in a dynamic classroom environment, this is the best option for you to choose.

You have to know your own character and know what kind of study can get you the highest score on the SAT. The learning environment greatly affects your learning style.

If you are looking for a preparation class for the SAT test, you can contact English Bridge. Here you will be guided by native speakers who can turn your weaknesses into advantages that can increase your SAT score.

  1. Online courses

You will be invited to learn using computer media and internet networks. You can study at home, in the office or even in a cafe.

Usually, the lessons are interactive, so you can ask questions and receive answers from the instructor as if you were in the same room.

One of the advantages of taking an online course is that you don’t have to travel to a specific location to get ready for the SAT test.

The drawback of this method is that you must be able to maintain focus on your study material. Because when doing online courses, there are many temptations such as playing on social media and the ineffectiveness of the internet network sometimes becomes an obstacle.

If you are someone who enjoys online learning and can maintain focus without being in an actual classroom, then this could be the best learning option for you.

  1. Private Tutoring Session

Enrolling in a private class will give you the opportunity to have a study plan that can be tailored to your needs.

You can get fast answers to all questions regarding the SAT test. In addition, you can also practice the strategies taught by the supervisor more freely.

Private tutoring can be done in person or online. Of course, if you choose to take private lessons, the costs will be more.

If you are looking for a private session in person, you can contact English Bridge. Here you will be assisted by professional teachers who will increase your score.

  1. On-Demand Instruction

Are you someone who has control over the pace of the lesson? If so, on-demand instruction is the right choice for you.

You can study for the SAT test in your own way. You will be taught by professional instructors through HD videos.

The advantage of taking this course is that you are free to review the same subject or topic. You can also choose a study environment, whether you want to be at home, a library, or a café that has internet access. You can learn practically anywhere.

At English Bridge, you can choose preparation in private or in group classes to prepare for the SAT test.

Every instructor at English Bridge will guide you to success on your exams. Because of practical experience in exams, instructors know what the best strategies are for taking the SAT test.

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Which SAT Subject Test Should You Take?

Which SAT Subject Test Should You Take?

Most colleges recommend taking at least two-part tests on the SAT test. Usually, they don’t suggest which test to take. You are left free to decide what to take.

For those who are still confused about where to apply, the best option is to take a two-subject test that highlights your academic strengths.

Most students will choose subjects that are related to their desired major. But there are more majors than the subject test so the comparison is not very precise.

For example, applicants who plan to major in environmental sciences may wish to take Subject Tests in Mathematics II and Biology. Other students applying to the same program may choose to take a test subject in American Chemistry and History.

Either that is a reasonable choice or not. If a college has more specific requirements, they will usually be clearly stated on their website.

For most students, two tests selected based on areas of strength will make the best applications for the widest range of college admissions.

Here are some things you can consider before choosing a test subject on the SAT test:

1) Pay Attention to Specific Program Requirements

Usually, several colleges will apply different subject test requirements. For example, MIT asks prospective students to take one Maths Subject Test (Level 1 or Level 2) and one in science (Biology, Chemistry, or Physics).

Likewise, UCLA’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences requires test scores from the Math Level 2 exam and one science exam.

Programs at the colleges of Berkeley and San Diego have the same requirements as UCLA, although there is no SAT subject test requirement at all for students of other majors.

In other words, you must first choose the intended college. So you know what SAT test subject requirements they ask for.

2) Consider Foreign Language Proficiency and Placement

What you should know is that the College Board offers SAT subject tests in nine different languages.

For some languages, you can choose between a written test and a listening test. While other language tests are only available in one format.

3) Reasons for Taking More Than 2 SAT test subjects

One good reason to add the SAT 3 subject test is that you want to include it in a legacy language.

In this case, you want to create a test subject for a third language. This way, you can demonstrate how proficient you are in using a second language while still taking the other two exams in subjects you have studied in an academic setting.

Another reason to take 3 SAT test subject tests at once is the extra lessons to meet the less common school-specific requirements.

For example, Georgetown is one of the schools that still recommends three SAT subject tests at once. At NYU, which has a flexible-testing policy, the admissions office will accept three Subject Tests in lieu of the regular SAT.

If you’re planning to apply to a school like Georgetown or NYU, consider taking three SAT subject tests before applying.

4) Reasons for Passing the SAT Test Subject

Some colleges make the SAT subject test-optional, so you need to think carefully before taking the SAT subject test. The safest way is to choose the college you want to go to first, then look at their requirements.

For example, Columbia College accepts the SAT subject test but it is not required. The University of Chicago also states that the SAT test subject is only an optional exam, otherwise submitting the application will not be a problem.

5) When to Take the SAT Subject Test

If you apply to a university that suggests taking the SAT subject test, the next decision to make is when to take it.

If you want to take part in the preparations from class 10 that’s fine. The preparation that is done early is a good thing so that he has studied the subjects that will be tested.

If you are still unsure about which test to choose or how to prepare for the SAT subject test, you can contact English Bridge for a consultation on 081210060075.

The English Bridge provides preparation classes for the SAT test. You can take group classes or private classes. You will be taught the best strategy to answer each question.

In addition, you will be taught by experienced native speakers and have gotten a good SAT score.

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Motivation To Improve SAT Test Preparation

Motivation To Improve SAT Test Preparation

Are you in the process of preparing for the SAT? Maybe you’re solving algebra practice problems every day while you’re preparing for a Maths exam, or maybe you’re trying to make your writing clearer and more organized in preparation for the SAT Test.

It doesn’t matter what skill you focus on. Sometimes the motivation to study for the SAT is reduced, when motivation is reduced you need words that can spur the spirit of learning to get back up.

  • “Ambition is the path to success. Perseverance is the vehicle you get into. (Bill Bradley)

Being ambitious, you may set or prioritize lofty goals for yourself. You may also try to get the maximum score each semester.

Another example, is if you like sports, maybe you will have a goal to win a certain award or score a certain number of points in each game.

You should also set goals for the SAT test. For example, say you have a goal to achieve a high SAT score.

That way shows that you are persistent by having a goal. Studying every day is an example of persistence when it comes to preparing for the SAT.

Asking your instructor for clarification on a confusing topic and reviewing difficult skills is another example of being persistent in the SAT study. This advice applies to most goals, including success on the SAT.

  • “When you have confidence, you can have fun. And when you’re having fun, you can do amazing things. (Joe Namath)

Building confidence is part of the SAT preparation process. Improving your weakest abilities certainly increases your confidence ahead of exam day.

At English Bridge, you can find learning that can be fun and in our instructional program, we give you the tools and strategies you need to feel confident about every part of the SAT test.

English Bridge wants you to enter the testing center feeling comfortable and ready to demonstrate your skills on the SAT test.

  • “I have learned time management, organization and I have priorities.” (Tory Burch)

Preparing for the SAT test is a gradual process. To get the most out of your preparation time, it’s a good idea to create a schedule for each day’s study assignments.

How do you know what tasks to include in your schedule? Do the SAT test practice to see what skills you need to work on.

If you need to learn words in context for the Reading section, you can learn them with vocabulary cards. Flashcards are a great place to start learning.

This kind of practice will become a task in the study schedule. Organize your schedule by dedicating a certain amount of time to each task. If you have an organized study schedule, you can complete your daily tasks efficiently.

  • “I can’t stress enough the importance of a good teacher.” (Temple Grandin)

What better way to score high on the SAT test than to learn from someone who has already achieved that goal? Each instructor at English Bridge scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT.

So whether you want to improve your score on just one section of the test or multiple sections, as you work with us you will learn from Individuals who understand how to get there. Professional SAT instructors use their experience and knowledge to benefit their tutoring students.

  • “Success depends on effort.” (Sophocles)

Thorough preparation is required for success on the SAT. High scores on this test can help you get into the college you want.

Once there, we can earn you a degree that will take you to the career path of your dreams. So, the effort you put in today to excel on the SAT can set you up for tomorrow’s goals.

When it comes to the SAT, quotes like these can provide inspiration that spurs you on to keep learning. But consistent practice and a dedicated attitude are the real keys to success on the SAT exam.

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