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What is DNS Server? How does DNS Server work?

There are many people who have websites but do not understand how DNS Server works. To facilitate your work, you must know what a DNS Server is and how it works.

What is DNS Server?

The full form of DNS is Domain Name System. You can think of DNS Server like a phone book. When we search by typing an address in the browser, it goes from isp to DNS Server. The DNS Server then converts the given address to a specific IP and sends it back to us.

What is DNS Server

In the DNS Server, the address and its specific IP are written. For example, we save by writing his name along with the number on the phone chest of our mobile. So that it is easy to find later. That’s why DNS Server can be imagined as a phone book.

How does DNS Server work?

Do you already know what a DNS Server is? Now let’s find out what DNS Server does? Those of you who have read my previous tune know a little bit about DNS Server.

DNS Server basically saves many domain names along with its IP address. The IP addresses of all the domains in the world are different. You can never visit two websites using one IP address.

When we search by entering a domain name, the DNS Server converts that domain name to its specific IP address and returns it to us. The reason DNS Server returns us IP address is because ISP (Internet Service Provider) cannot find the server of any web site without IP address.

From the above, we know that when a website is searched by typing its name, it goes to the DNS Server to convert it to an IP address. But it only goes once. This means that your browser will only go to the DNS Server the first time you want to access a website.

The next time you log in again, the IP address of the website will be stored in the cache memory of the browser. From there the browser will enter the website with IPT.

What is DNS Server? How does DNS Server work?

You already know a lot about DNS Server. If you want to know more about DNS Server then you can read the following. If you do not read, there is no problem. DNS Server does its job in a few steps. The steps of the DNS server are discussed below.

Does the DNS Server work in a few steps?

Does the DNS Server work in a few steps

DNS Server works in a few steps. Knowing these will help you later during work.

  • DNS Server Step 1

You can go to any of your browsers and search by typing the address of any website. For example,

  • DNS Server Step 2

After searching by typing, it will go to ISP. After approaching the ISP, the ISP will first try to find out in its cache memory whether anyone has ever visited using its server.

If so, he must have the IP address of the website. That will take you to with the IP address. But if you have never used the ISP’s server before, then it will request to the root server.

  • DNS Server Step 3

A root server is the main server of the domain server. The root server is at the top of the DNS higher key. There are a total of thirteen root servers in the world. Which are placed in different parts of the world. Root servers are operated through twelve different organizations.

Each root server has its own IP. The funny thing is that the root server does not know anything about the IP of the domain. Now the question is why being sent to the root server? This is because the root server knows where is.

Now another question here is how does the root server know who has IP? The answer to this question is that Root can find out through such top label domains. There are separate servers for each top label domain. If it is .com then the root server will give him the information of where .com is to the ISP. Then the ISP will request the TLD (Top Label domain) server.

  • DNS Server Step 4

TLD server but do not know anything about the IP address of the domain. But he collects a lot of information about the domain. TLD server It knows which name server has the IP address of the domain. Then the TLD server gives the name server information to the ISP. The ISP then requests the Name server with that information.

  • DNS Server Step 5

Name server The server where the IP address of the domain is saved. Then he will look at the domain, find out his IP address, and back the ISP. Eventually, the ISP will back up the browser and the browser will show us our website.

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