What is SEO and why you need it!

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the process by which a website gains free traffic, often referred to as ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ traffic. SEO is the process that affects the visibility of a website in a search engine, such as Google’s, unpaid results. Optimizing a website so that it performs well in an organic search is the fundamental task of SEO. Thus, the higher ranked the website is on the search results page and the more often it appears in the search results the more visits the website is likely to receive. The kind of search SEO is targeting may vary as well including image search, video search, academic search, and local search, among others. Paid search ads will also work to generate traffic to the website, as long as they can be afforded to be paid. However, as soon as these are stopped without organic SEO in place the website will essentially disappear into the abyss of the world wide web.

Did you know that 32.8% of all organic traffic goes to the top organic listing on search engine results pages? 62.2% of all organic traffic goes to the top four organic listings on search engine results pages, and a whopping 89% of customers being their purchasing process with a search engine!

Get on Google’s Good Side

The sites that Google believes are authoritative and relevant will display higher up. The relevance of a page is measured by analyzing page content, including the text and visual items on the website, and Google measures authority mostly based on the quality and number of other pages linking to the website. Google, Bing, and Yahoo – the major search engines, all have results that are ranked based on what the specific search engine believes is relevant to its users.

Do I need SEO?

100% YES!!! It is very time-consuming and confusing to do yourself! With Google changing the field so often and whenever it likes it can get difficult. You can’t just get a website to be ranked high and then expect it to stay there by doing nothing. This is why SEO can’t be rushed, it is an ongoing process and you will need to have it implemented for the entirety of your business’s online presence. SEO experts help you grow your business and bolster your brand by masterfully navigating the digital landscape. They can boost your SEO results with strategies that outlive the latest craze, using every strategic tool out there to define your competitive edge, while helping customers find exactly what they’ve been looking for… you.

Think of it as a benefit plan for your brand. A big-picture approach to propelling your name into the spotlight. Search engine optimization builds integral connections that facilitate the searches of consumers who possess immediate, clickable access to everything under the sun. By not harnessing its full range of power, you embolden your competition. By honoring your SEO potential, you place your brand at the apex, asserting authority in your vertical.

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