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MyTechvent.com welcomes good knowledgeable bloggers and writers to post high-quality Tech tips on this site. You just need to contact us. You can then submit your own articles about Technology, Science, Business, Health, and Culture tips to this site. Along with good credibility and exposure, you can also get a quality backlink to your site while you write here at this site.

Guidelines for Guest Posting

If you are willing to write here at this site, let us tell you frankly that we only accept posts that are high quality and deliver good information to our readers. You can write just about anything as long as it is related to your niche. You should agree that you will not approve posts anywhere else.

Minimum word count:

The post should be at least 500 words without which it will not be accepted.


The maximum link we allow per post is only 1 or 2. You can also add 2-3 links to the high authority sites for reference.


We respect everyone’s work and so for this reason if we found that you have added copied content that is copied from some other source we will not allow it and repeated trials can ban you forever.

What More We Look In Your Articles:

We at MyTechvent.com look for great articles that are free from sales pitches. We pick up high-quality articles that are based on tips and ideas. To create good articles write them in paragraphs. Split them into subheadingsBulleted lists, numbered lists, etc. So that our readers get what they are looking for, instantly.

We love How-to Articles and Top 10 Tips Articles. So if you are writing these high-quality and well-researched articles, it’s possible, that your post gets approved soon. But be sure to check out our categories and archives.

For Submission of Your Post: You can contact via – [email protected]

Note: We try to publish your posts within 2-3 hours. And at some instances, it may be a maximum of 24 hours due to other workloads we have.

For any queries, you can Contact Us here.

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