5 creative ways to find clients for your mobile website business

Setting up your business selling mobile websites can be a very profitable venture.

Below I list 5 different ways we find customers and ways you can maximize your time and sell lots of mobile websites. Don’t target individual businesses learn to target businesses with lists.

1. Dockets

In many countries, there are companies that print different offers on dockets. You can get heaps of these and use them as a database to get new customers.

A spin on this would be to contact the actual advertising agent that gets the clients for these ads and provides mobile websites as a joint venture. I have not seen a lot of QR Codes on these dockets and that would be a perfect introduction.

2. Suppliers

Most businesses do not actually have their own products and they purchase through suppliers. Rather than approach each individual business tries approaching some of these suppliers and do a deal to sell your mobile websites.

We have done this a few times now and it has turned out to be quite profitable. You need to work out a good deal for them and make the process easy to manage.

3. Promotion Companies

Promotion companies are always looking for products and services to sell to their clients. Providing mobile websites can be a great way that you can both do very well.

Mobile Websites are hot at the moment and again set up a good system so both of you make good money selling mobile websites.

4. Printers are great candidates for Mobile Websites

Another business with good lists is printers. They can not only promote your services but can gain new work printing QR Codes that link to the sites you build.

Gather some information and make a good presentation to them and you could find yourself making lots of mobile websites for their customers.

5. Trades People

Tradespeople quite often have good lists of customers such as mechanics, plumbers, electricians, and air conditioning. The secret here is to maybe make them free mobile websites and then offer a joint venture.

How to set up Selling Mobile websites to these people

The best way to set this up is to create a separate sales page for each joint venture so you can track the sales. Do an interview with them or hold a function where they can invite their customers.

If you can get a small leaflet printed they can send it out with their invoices and statements or even just get it printed on them is a good way to go.

Another way to do it is to use the old-fashioned forms of promotion like fridge magnets, or giveaways.

Use your imagination and create all sorts of promotional offers for these people as they can get you a lot of work and spending some time nutting it all out will produce a lot of sales for your mobile websites.

Obviously, the next thing to do is ask for referrals as you build their mobile websites and try and add your contact details to them.

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