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Advanced Warehousing Automation with Extraordinary Flexibility Provided by ForwardX

ForwardX Robotics has created an AMR terminal product system covering multiple industries and scenarios as the earliest, most professional, and dedicated visual AMR company. Flexibility is one of the outstanding features of ForwardX’s automation solutions. Facing unexpected situations like the COVID-19 epidemic, the stable supply of human resources is seriously affected. ForwardX’s AMR products are a perfect solution for warehouse automation.

Flexible 4th generation AMR manufactured by ForwardX

With its foresighted 4th generation AMR and world-leading cluster dispatch system, ForwardX is expanding its AMR-based flexible picking solution to more industry scenarios.

For manufacturing, ForwardX also offers the world’s leading factory end-to-end logistics handling solution with higher reliability, safety, and flexibility for trace-free deployment. What’s worth mentioning is that ForwardX’s automation solution supports intelligent in-plant logistics upgrades, including retrofitting old factories. This means there will not be a complete reconfiguration of the existing facilities.

Innovative technology support

ForwardX’s proprietary patents focus on self-driving, robotics, automatic transport vehicles, and other related technologies. It has applied for over 380 patents in nearly 160 countries and regions worldwide and has obtained over 50 overseas invention patents, demonstrating a high level of technological innovation. The high level of technological innovation is a firm guarantee of ForwardX’s advanced AMR products.

Moving forward together with enterprises

In the future, ForwardX will help more companies upgrade their supply chains and drive their supply chains’ digital transformation with a new automation model.

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