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Get super high IELTS scores with mobile apps

With these applications, holding your smartphone in hand, learning English will be less dry and bring more excitement.

Achieving a high IELTS score in particular or enhancing your ability to use English is the desire of many people. Besides the traditional way of learning, there are now many mobile apps that can assist you in achieving this goal. With the small and compact advantage of smartphones, you can learn English at any time.

1. ( iOS | Android | Windows Phone )

Many people think that looking up a paper dictionary will help you remember words longer, but in a busy life, we can not always carry a dictionary and at this time dictionary applications will be effective. is one of them. With over 2 million definitions presented in a smartphone-optimized interface that’s sure to help you hone your vocabulary wherever you are.
Besides the simple word lookup feature, also offers some other interesting features for users such as Word of the Day (a new word every day), see what words are looked up by users near you. , voice search, look up the history/origin of a word…

2. Memrise (iOS | Android)

If you want to improve your vocabulary, Memrise is also an application that you should download to experience. Basically, the app consists of vocabulary courses contributed by the users themselves and “transformed” into games by Memrise to make them easier to absorb.
The developers of the Memrise app say the vocabulary lesson demonstrations they use have been scientifically proven to be highly effective. Currently, statistics show that there are more than 1,000 different courses on Memrise, spread across more than 100 languages.

3. Kindle (iOS | Android | Windows Phone) or Google Play Books (iOS | Android)

To conquer the test reading skills, besides trying sample tests, reading books in English every day will also make you more confident and practice better reactions when encountering new content. Kindle is rated as one of the best reading support applications on mobile today. Besides the bookstore with more than 3 million titles (most of them paid) available on Amazon, you can also find titles on the Internet to transfer to this application and read as usual. Don’t worry if you come across new words because Kindle has a feature that allows you to tap and hold on to a word to look up the meaning as you read it.
Besides Kindle, users can also try the Google Play Books app with similar features. Readers note, Kindle supports two book formats, .prc and .pdf, while Google Play Books supports .epub and .pdf.
4. TED (iOS | Android | Windows Phone)
TED is a video store where IELTS students often go to practice listening skills. With a wide range of talk topics presented in short video format, TED videos also give viewers more ideas on debate topics, critical skills, idea development, which is likely to perform better in the Writing test. What a double job! In addition, the fact that most TED videos have subtitles is also a notable highlight.
5. Skype (iOS | Android | Windows Phone)
Finding a native friend to practice speaking with through Skype is one of the best ways to improve your English speaking skills. If not, you can also form a small group to practice speaking English together every day. Skype, one of the best call quality applications available today, will make it possible for you to do this anytime, anywhere.

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