How can you initiate the BBPS business with GSK?

“A well-functioning and safe payment environment is important to support economic activity.” 

The decade of 2010-2020 can be called- “A decade of payment ecosystem transformation”. 

From the barter system to UPI system, India has come a long way. Our payment system has got worldwide recognition. During this era, the payment system has witnessed several things such as-

  1. Innovation in the payment system
  2. Customers shifting from cash to digital payment
  3. Introduction of non-bank companies, etc.

In this whole journey, RBI played multiple roles to provide, develop & promote a safe and secure payment system. In addition, the revolution of the banking system has led to smooth transactions of payment. 

At present, the vision of RBI banking system is to empower every Indian citizen with a payment system that is:-

  1. Safe
  2. Secure
  3. Convenient
  4. Affordable, and 
  5. Quick. 

But, What is the payment system?

A process with an interbank transfer system is the “Payment System”. It enables you to securely make money transfers. This system involves two things-

  • An entity which operates the payment system, and
  • The participants.

There are two types of Payment systems. They are briefly described below-

01. Wholesale and Retail payment system


It is a payment system that carries out transactions of high-value payments. This is between financial institutions.


It is a payment system that provides the facility to make low-value payments in large amounts. This facility is for businesses and consumers to purchase goods and services.  

02. Systemically important payment system (SIPS)

It is the payment system that highlights the economic framework of the country. 

With the evolution of digital payment, the NPCI launched a payment system. This system was called Bharat Bill Payment System. It was operated from 17 October 2017.


This system has created an effective impact on the retail payment system of the nation.

What is Bharat Bill Payment System?

The BBPS is a one-stop bill payment solution for all periodic payments. As per NPCI, the bill payments have 200+ billers in the categories across India. These billers are such as-

  • Gas Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Fastag Recharge
  • Insurance
  • DTH recharge 
  • Telecom, etc.

This system has enabled the use of the following things-

  • Cards
  • QR code system
  • Bill payment
  • Mobile banking products, etc.

How is BBPS generating business opportunities?

Before BBPS, every citizen had to wait in long rows to make bill payments. After the evolution of BBPS, the life of billers had become easy and fast. It has enabled us to pay all bills digitally at any place and time.  

In addition, the BBPS has created a new way to initiate business, especially for Indian citizens. There are numerous people in rural areas who are illiterate. They require a center to make bill payments. You can aid them with your BBPS center.  

You won’t need any technical knowledge to initiate BBPS business. With minimal training, you can earn a handsome income every month. 

You will need good conversation skills and computer knowledge to initiate BBPS business. 

So, if you are planning for a startup with high commission, then BBPS business is a great opportunity. There are many reliable BBPS service provider companies in India.

You need to register yourself with them. Also, these companies provide efficient training to smoothly run BBPS business.

What are the benefits of BBPS business?

  1. Earn high commission with every bill payment transaction.
  2. Initiate the BBPS business from home.
  3. Enhance customer trust because of the connection with BBPS.
  4. Expand the number of customers and hence provide up-to-date service.
  5. Get certificates, vouchers, rewards, etc.

What are the requirements to initiate BBPS business in India?

The requirements to initiate BBPS business are-

  1. Must have Indian citizenship.
  2. Graduated or 12th pass.
  3. Must have a commercial space to initiate the business.
  4. Understand primary computer software programs such as Microsoft Excel.
  5. A smartphone or laptop
  6. A secure and reliable internet connection.

What are the features of BBPS API?

The BBPS API has the following features-

  1. Simple, secure and accessible API.
  2. Make utility payments under one platform.
  3. Can develop and integrate documents.
  4. Get instant confirmation of bill payment.
  5. Earn high commission with BBPS API.
  6. 24/7 technical support.
  7. Use multiple modes to accept payments. 

These all features will help you to smoothly and securely run BBPS business.

What are the biller categories in BBPS business?

The utmost advantage is that you can pay bills any time and any place. However, we need retailers across the country to make bill payments for urban people. They (retailers) have the ability to take all kinds of payment invoices & generate instant receipts. These payments are made via debit card, net banking, etc.

You as a retailer can make the payments for the following bills under BBPS business-

  1. Gas
  2. Water 
  3. Electricity
  4. DTH
  5. Insurance
  6. Fastag Recharge
  7. Telecom Prepaid
  8. Loan Repayment
  9. Education Fees
  10. Cable Recharge

How can you apply for BBPS business with GST SUVIDHA KENDRA?

The process to apply for BBPS business with GSK is as follows-

  • Visit a GSP approved GSK which provides BBPS business opportunities.
  • Read all their terms & conditions and policies.
  • Fill out the application form.
  • Submit all the required documents.
  • GSK agent will contact you for further process.
  • At last, you will securely initiate BBPS business and serve bill facility to customers.


BBPS is an accessible and operational bill payment service platform. It enables people, agents, etc to make bill payments. You can initiate a BBPS business with GSK. For this, you will fulfill the requirements mentioned on the leading GSK website. Also, you can earn a high commission on every bill payment. You can initiate this business at home if you don’t have a space or area.


Q1. What are the various payment methods in BBPS?

BBPS provides you with an excess of payment methods for your customers. You can make payments through the following-

  • Card ( Credit, Debit, or any other card)
  • UPI
  • Internet Banking
  • AEPS, etc.

Q2. How much can I earn with BBPS business?

You can earn a highly profitable commission on every bill payment. Also, you will need to put the effort into attracting more customers.

Q3. Can I initiate a BBPS business in remote areas?

Yes, you can securely initiate BBPS business in remote areas. This will help the remote people to easily pay any type of bill. Besides this, they can make payments on loans, insurance, recharge, etc.

Q4. Does BBPS charge extra while making payment?

No, there are no additional charges applied on the bill payment. You can safely and securely make bill payments for your customers. This system is accessible and operational anytime and anywhere across India for transactions.

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