How to find the implicit original idea

Read for Implied Original Ideas

Before discussing how to find a perfect original idea, you must first know what the original idea is. The main idea of ​​a paragraph is the passage point, all the details are perfect. This is the big picture – the solar system versus the planets. Football vs. fans, cheerleaders, quarterbacks, and uniforms. Oscars vs. Actors, Red Carpet, Designer Gowns, and Movies. This is the essence.

What is an inappropriate main idea?

Sometimes, a reader will get lucky and the main idea will be a certain original idea, where the main idea is easily found because it is written directly in the text.

However, many paragraphs will be a perfect basic idea if you read on a standard test like CART or GRE, which is a little trickier if the author does not directly state the main idea of ​​the text but what the original idea means depends on you.

Find the perfect original idea if you think of the passage as a box. Inside the box, a random group element (passage description). Pull each item out of the box and try to figure out what they each have, kind of like the game Tree-Bond. Once you’ve figured out what the common bond is in each item, you’ll be able to summarize the passage in a snap.

How to find implicit original ideas

01. Read the next paragraph

02. Ask yourself this question: “Do passage details have anything in common?”

03. In your own words, find the general bond between all the details of this bond and the author’s point.

04. Write a short sentence about the bond and what does the registrar say about the bond?

Step 1: Read the Implemented Original Idea Example:

When you’re with your friends, talk louder and use trash.

They will expect it and they are not grading you in your grammar. When you are standing in a board room or sitting for an interview, you should use your best English, and adapt your tone to the work environment. Try to determine the personality of the interviewer and the workplace setting, talking about breaking the joke or running away. If you are in a position to speak publicly, always ask about your audience and correct your language, tone, pitch, and subject matter of what you think of the audience’s preferences. You don’t give a lecture to the third-level students about atoms!

Step 2: What is a common thread?

In this case, the author writes about hanging out with friends, going to an interview, and talking in public, which, at first glance, do not seem to be related to each other. If you find a common bond between them, however, you will see that the author provides you with different situations and then each setting (use bound with friends, be respectful and calm in an interview, tone publicly). Ordinary bonds say that must be part of the perfect core concept.

Step 3. Shorten the passage.

The basic idea of ​​this passage is that a divider would fit perfectly, such as “different situations require different types of discourse”.

We assumed that the sentence does not appear anywhere in the paragraph. But it was easy enough to find this perfect original idea when you combined the general idea with each idea.


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