Penalty Betting Rules From A to Z: Do You Really Understand To Bet Correctly?

Trang chủ đăng nhập New88 In the world of football betting, Penalty betting rulesTemple is not only a familiar phrase but also opens a golden door for those who know how to take advantage of it. Penalty kick – a dramatic moment, deciding win or loss in a split second, is now also a fertile ground for bettors to show their bravery. Let’s New88 Discover the rules of this game, you definitely won’t want to miss it!

Basic Information About Penalty Betting Rules

Penalty betting rules, is a special rule that regulates how to bet on penalties – one of the most breathtaking and decisive situations on the field. When a team is fouled in its own penalty area, the opponent will receive a penalty kick from a distance of 11 meters, opening up the opportunity to score directly into the opponent’s net.

This betting rule not only applies to penalty kicks in the official 90 minutes of play but also extends to penalty shootout situations, where each team takes 5 shots to find the winner. This is a golden opportunity for players to demonstrate their acumen and deep understanding of the rules of the game, while effectively taking advantage of every stressful moment on the field to make accurate betting decisions.

When will the ball be placed on the 11m mark?

In the world of football, a penalty kick is not only a decisive phase but also a breathless moment for fans and bettors. So, what leads to a team being awarded a penalty?

  • This opportunity appears when a team commits a foul in its own penalty area – the area marked by a large square in front of the goal, specifically within 16m50.
  • Common fouls include using your hands to play the ball (except for the goalkeeper), pulling on your shirt, pushing, tripping, or obstructing an opponent without the ball.

Rules when taking a penalty kick

When taking a penalty kick, the following penalty betting rules apply:

  • The ball is placed on the penalty spot, 11 meters from the goal.
  • There are only the kicker and the opposing goalkeeper in the penalty area.
  • The kicking player has the right to gain free momentum, but may not touch the ball a second time before it touches another player.
  • The opposing goalkeeper must stand on the goal line and is only allowed to move after the ball is kicked.

Regulations in case no winning team is found after 90 minutes of official play and extra time

When the winning team cannot be found after 90 minutes of official play and extra time, the match will continue with a penalty shootout. Penalty betting rules are as follows:

  • Each team takes 5 penalty kicks.
  • The team that scores more goals in this shootout will win.
  • If the score is still tied after 5 shots, the competition will continue with one-on-one penalty shootouts until a winner is determined.

What Types of Bets Do Penalty Betting Rules Regulate?

In the maze of soccer betting, Penalty betting rules not only adds spice to the match but also opens up many winning opportunities for players. Below are the main types of bets defined in this rule, each type has its own attraction, ensuring you will find joy and opportunity in each penalty kick.

  1. Bet on Yes/No Penalty In-Play: This is the most basic type of bet, where you predict whether in the match there will be a penalty kick or not.
  2. Final Penalty Score Betting: When the match goes to a penalty shootout, you can bet on the final score of the penalty shootout.
  3. Bet on Number of Successful Shots: A kind Penalty betting rulesAnother interesting thing is predicting the number of successful shots in a penalty shootout. Will every shot be a goal, or will there be spectacular saves?
  4. Over/Under Betting on Number of Goals From Penalty: Like Over/Under bet In an official match, you bet on the total number of goals scored from penalties, comparing it to a number given by the house in advance. Evaluating the scoring and defense abilities of both teams will help you “close” this bet more easily.
  5. Predict Team To Shoot First Penalty: Betting on which team will take the first penalty in the shootout. This type of bet depends heavily on luck and the referee’s decision through coin tossing.

Revealing the Secret to Winning Big from Penalty Betting Rules

In the world of betting, understanding and application are flexible Penalty betting rules can be the deciding key between winning and losing. Below are golden notes to help optimize your chances of winning when participating in this type of bet.

Carefully Evaluate the Goalkeeper’s Performance

The goalkeeper plays a decisive role in preventing penalties. Before placing a bet, carefully consider the goalkeeper’s form and skills. A goalkeeper with a high save rate is not only a solid fulcrum for the home team but also an important factor that you need to consider when choosing a bet.

Analyzing Penalty Shooting Performance Of Players

Not all players have excellent penalty shooting ability. Some players have a higher success rate than others. Find out and analyze this information through previous matches, especially in major tournaments, to make smart betting decisions.

Calculating Penalty Probability Based on Confrontation History

The history of confrontation between the two teams can provide insight into the possibility of penalties. Were there many fouls committed in the penalty area in previous matches? Which team often benefits from penalties? This information will help you better evaluate your chances of winning.

Monitor the Actual Match Situation

During the match, some unpredictable factors such as the weather, the player’s physical condition, or the referee’s decision can affect the chance of a penalty occurring. Stay updated with match developments and be ready to adjust your bets as situations develop.
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Master the Rules and Variations of Betting Odds

Penalty betting rules and odds fluctuations may vary depending on the bookmaker and event. Make sure you understand the penalty betting rules and stay informed to make the best use of every chance of winning.


The above article has provided a comprehensive overview Penalty betting rules, opens the door of knowledge and opportunities for those who are passionate about the field and the betting world. Hopefully, with these shares, you will grasp the secret to conquering attractive bets, increasing your win rate and having more fun in each match.

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