Revealing 10 ways to predict lottery winnings correctly without adjusting

Many people often think that lottery is a game of chance and cannot be calculated. But in reality, there are still many people who know how to calculate and predict lottery winnings accurately. So don’t just rely on luck because no one is lucky forever. Instead, research and find a smart way to play. Revealing 10 lottery prediction methods below will help you find the right playing strategy.
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Types of winning lotteries on the market today

Before learning how to predict winning lottery prizes, you need to understand each type of lottery on the market. Currently, there are many types of lottery winnings, but the most popular are three types including the North, the South and the Central. In there:

Northern Lottery

This is the traditional form of lottery that most people choose to play in the Northern region. This type of lottery is also known by other names such as Capital lottery, Northern lottery.

The Northern Lottery is issued through lottery tickets. Each ticket has 6 digits printed on it. The winning result will depend on whether the number on the buyer’s ticket matches the number of results announced daily by the Lottery Company. According to regulations, the traditional Northern lottery will be drawn at 6:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. every day of the week.

Northern Lottery has a total of 8 prizes including 1 special prize, 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 6 third prizes, 4 fourth prizes, 6 5th prizes, 3 6th prizes and 4 7th prizes. In which:

  • The special prize must match all 6 numbers
  • The first prize must match the last 5 numbers
  • The second prize matches the last 5 numbers
  • Third prize matches the last 5 numbers
  • Prize for matching the last 4 numbers
  • The fifth prize matches the last 4 numbers
  • The sixth prize matches the last 3 numbers
  • Prize seven matches the last 2 numbers

Southern lottery

Southern lottery is also one of the main products of traditional lotteries. This type of lottery is popular in the southern region. The Southern lottery is similar to the Northern lottery, but differs in time and form of drawing. For the Southern lottery, there are 21 rotating stations. The time to draw and see the results is 4:10 p.m. every day.

In addition, the Southern Lottery does not have a fixed station throughout the week but changes it on a rotating basis. Therefore, players need to research carefully before buying to avoid confusion between stations. Regarding the results of prizes, the Southern lottery also has differences with the Northern lottery. Because Southern Lottery has a total of 9 prizes including:

  • The special prize must match all 6 numbers
  • The first prize must match the last 5 numbers
  • The second prize matches the last 5 numbers
  • Third prize matches the last 5 numbers
  • Prize for matching the last 5 numbers
  • The fifth prize matches the last 4 numbers
  • The sixth prize matches the last 4 numbers
  • Prize seven matches the last 3 numbers
  • Prize eight matches the last 2 numbers

Central region lottery

This is a type of lottery for the Central provinces. This type of lottery has 18 stations and results are announced at 5:15 p.m. every weekday. The Central lottery is similar to the Southern lottery with up to 9 prizes. When viewing the results, players should pay attention to the lottery station to ensure accuracy.
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Instructions on how to predict lottery winnings

Each type of lottery will have different prediction methods. In this article, Falconbet will only focus on instructions on how to predict today’s lottery results for the XSMB format. However, in reality, Northern lottery prediction can also be applied to Southern and Central lottery types.

Based on spirituality and dreams

Many people when playing lotteries often rely on spiritual factors and dreams. This is a seemingly vague way of predicting but has a much higher winning rate than other painful calculations.

To apply this method, players often rely on dreams to interpret and find lucky numbers. Because every dream implies and signals things that may happen in the future. Therefore, if you decode your dream correctly, you will have a chance to find good numbers to predict lottery results. Based on the numbers through the decoding process, you can choose lucky lottery tickets or play lottery. Because the lottery must rely on lottery results to decide whether the result is a win or miss. To decode correctly, you must remember each event and action to analyze and find the lucky numbers sent through daily dreams.

Statistics on the frequency of occurrence of numbers

When predicting the Northern lottery, one of the ways many people apply is to calculate the frequency of numbers appearing. This is one of the complicated but highly effective ways.

With this method, you must make detailed statistics on the frequency of numbers appearing in the lottery results table within a period of 60 days leading up to the time of playing. Based on this statistical table, you will choose the numbers that appear the most to play.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to pairs of numbers that have not returned for a long time. In lottery, these pairs of numbers are called lottery numbers. As a rule, each number will have a certain number of maximum liver days. Therefore, you can rely on this information to predict lottery winnings. Predicting today’s Northern lottery this way will help you minimize risk and increase your chances of winning big.

If you don’t have much time to do statistics, don’t worry. Because currently there are many Northern lottery prediction sites, detailing the appearance of numbers over certain periods of time. Your task is just to refer to and analyze the available statistical information to choose the appropriate numbers.

Choose numbers that have special meaning

Each person will have their own lucky numbers. This number is often associated with special things such as the date of birth of yourself or family members.

When playing games of luck like lottery, these special numbers will have the ability to promote value. Therefore, to increase your chances of winning the lottery, instead of choosing any numbers, you should choose numbers with special meaning. However, luck only comes a few times in life. Therefore, you should only apply this method a certain number of times and then move on to other ways to predict lottery winnings.

Refer to trusted daily lottery prediction channels

Currently, the number of lottery players is very high, leading to many lottery prediction sites being born. Therefore, you can refer to the information on prediction pages to make a choice. However, you also need to note that not all prediction sites are reputable. So you need to research carefully to choose the sitesreputable prediction, Provides useful information to make the most accurate daily lottery prediction choices.

Above are detailed instructions on how to predict Northern lottery winnings. Hopefully the information shared above by  New88 will help you increase your chances of winning the lottery.

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