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Style3D Scanner: Capturing Precise Fabric Scans with Lifelike Colors

Introducing the Style3D Scanner, an advanced solution that precisely captures fabric textures, presenting clear images and lifelike colors. With the Style3D Scanner, brands can authentically reproduce various fabric textures, swiftly acquiring multiple PBR (Physically Based Rendering) texture maps.

Precise Texture Details and Clear Images

The Style3D Scanner utilizes advanced technology to capture precise texture details, ensuring high-quality fabric scans. With its sophisticated sensors and imaging capabilities, the scanner captures intricate patterns, weaves, and surface details with exceptional accuracy. The resulting fabric scans present clear images, enabling designers to examine the fabric’s characteristics in detail. This level of precision enhances the design process, allowing designers to work with accurate representations of the fabric’s texture.

Lifelike Colors and Swift Acquisition of PBR Texture Maps

The Style3D Scanner authentically reproduces lifelike colors, ensuring that the fabric scans accurately represent the original fabrics. The scanner’s color reproduction technology captures the true colors of the fabrics, preserving their vibrancy and nuances. Additionally, the scanner swiftly acquires multiple PBR texture maps, including diffuse, specular, and normal maps. These texture maps provide a comprehensive and realistic representation of the fabric’s physical properties, enabling designers to create digital garments that closely resemble their real-world counterparts.


The scanner’s ability to authentically reproduce lifelike colors ensures that the fabric scans faithfully represent the original fabrics. With the swift acquisition of multiple PBR texture maps, designers can create digital garments that closely resemble real fabrics, enhancing the design process and enabling the creation of visually stunning and realistic garments.

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