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Tecloman: Pioneering Innovative BESS Solutions

Tecloman is a leading provider of innovative bess battery energy storage solutions that revolutionize various industries. With their cutting-edge technologies, Tecloman offers a range of solutions designed to address specific challenges and ensure reliable power supply.

BESS Solutions for Mines’ Uninterruptible Medium Voltage Power Supply

Tecloman’s innovative BESS solutions cater to the unique needs of mines, particularly in providing an uninterrupted medium voltage power supply. The BESS type terminal voltage regulation device is a groundbreaking solution that tackles the problem of low voltage in weak grid structures. With its flexible operation capabilities, it actively supports the local grid, reducing power loss and voltage drop. This ensures a stable and reliable power supply to mines, meeting the demands of various application scenarios.

BESS Solutions for Emergency Power Supply

Tecloman understands the critical importance of uninterrupted power supply during emergencies. Their BESS solutions include a series of mobile energy storage products specifically designed for emergency power supply. These solutions are ideal for significant events, emergency rescue operations, uninterruptible maintenance, and construction power scenarios. Tecloman’s millisecond-level on/off grid rapid switching technology guarantees uninterrupted power supply to critical loads. With a variety of structural forms and battery modules optimized for mobility, Tecloman provides customers with flexible, reliable, clean, and silent emergency power support.


Tecloman is the trusted partner for businesses seeking innovative battery energy storage solutions. With their pioneering approach and advanced technologies, Tecloman empowers industries to overcome challenges and ensure a reliable power supply. Experience the transformative power of Tecloman’s BESS solutions and benefit from uninterrupted power supply, increased efficiency, and reduced downtime. With Tecloman’s innovative BESS solutions, businesses can unlock new possibilities, optimize their operations, and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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