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The fancy features that the iPhone 13 is bringing

A new model of iPhone has come on the market. Apple has released iPhone 13 series in four models. These four include pro models and non-pro models. The two phones in the non-Pro model iPhone 13 series are the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, and the two Pro model phones are the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The fancy features that the iPhone 13 is bringing

It is believed that there is not much difference between the new phone and the iPhone 12. But there is something! Let’s take a look at what new features iPhone 13 users are getting:

  • Forbes says the iPhone Pro and Pro Max have the same camera, but there are differences. Basically, the cameras of the iPhone 13 are bigger than those of the iPhone 12. All of these new iPhones have big cameras. Through which you will get the special experience of taking pictures.
  • The new phone also has a macro camera that can be used to take pictures from a distance. You can take a picture of an object from at least two centimeters. Which was not possible in the previous iPhones.
  • This time the pro cameras have the same function as nonpro. Earlier, the pro models were given a different function from the nonpro. But this time it is not happening. Although the benefits are different, the function remains the same.
  • The cinematic dog-friendly mood is in the iPhone this time. The ‘bokeh’ effect can be found in the video with the dog or any other animal or object. The effect can also be used in humans. The iPhone is claiming to be quite nice.
  • The new MagSafe wallet will be associated with Find My. This feature will give users the special advantage of connecting the card to the phone.

However, you will not see the onscreen battery percentage in the new models.

The iPhone 13 was released on September 15 at Apple Park in California. For those who were waiting for the new model of iPhone, the phone came as a surprise. Apple claims that this phone, which is better in terms of battery and performance than the older models, will perform 50 percent faster than before. The iPhone 13 will give at least two and a half hours more battery backup than the old series phones.

The iPhone 13 will be available in five colors: Pink, Blue, Black (Midnight), Red (Product Red), and Starlet. According to a recent report on the Apple Hub blog about the price of the iPhone 13, the price of the iPhone may be 699 US dollars, the price of the iPhone 13 Pro has started from 999 US dollars. The iPhone 13 Pro Max will cost at least ৯ 1,099.

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