Unlock The Tonal Power Of Hexagonal Steel Core Electric Guitar Strings

Are you looking for an upgrade to your electric guitar sound? Hexagonal steel core strings could be the answer. Find out in this article the advantages and benefits of these electric guitar strings and discover how they can unlock a new level of tonal power!

Introduction to Hexagonal Steel Core Electric Guitar Strings

Electric guitar strings are typically made of steel, nickel, or a combination of the two. The type of steel used in a string affects its tone, durability, and price. Strings with a hexagonal core are typically made of steel treated as more complex and less responsive to magnetic fields. This results in a string that is brighter sounding and has less sustain.

Advantages of Hexagonal Steel Core Electric Guitar Strings

  1. They offer a powerful and punchy sound.
  2. They are very durable and long-lasting.
  3. They have a quick response time, meaning you can get great results when playing fast licks and runs.
  4. Hexagonal steel core electric guitar strings also offer excellent intonation, meaning your notes will always sound in tune.


Alice Strings hexagonal steel core electric guitar strings provide a unique tonal palette that is essential for all levels of guitar players. With the right combination of gauge and tension, you can unlock the tonal power in your instrument to explore new possibilities with your sound. Whether you are looking to change up your current sound or take it to the next level, hexagonal steel core strings offer an excellent starting point for all levels of guitarists who want more out of their playing experience.

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