10 ways to increase the speed of WiFi Internet

Although there is a high-speed internet connection at home, the desired speed does not match in WiFi. We all know what kind of problems or annoyances happen when the internet goes down or slows down. And in this coronal age, smartphones, computers, and the internet have become our lifeline.

So read today’s report to know how you can easily increase the speed of the internet, and make the best use of it. Let’s find out about 10 ways to increase the speed of the Internet.

10 ways to increase the speed of WiFi Internet – 2021

Choose the right internet plan and service provider to get fast service

Before making a connection, inquire about the internet service providers and various plans, find out from the neighbors which company has the best service in the area where you live. Choose an organization that offers speeds above at least 10 Mbps. You can choose any service plan above Rs 750 to work online every day for a long time. If you have more internet users at home then you need to recharge a little expensive plan to get more data. Most expensive plans have a high fap limit.

Troubleshoot your router

There are times when the speed of the router is absolutely reduced. At that point you can run the Troubleshooting Wizard to see what the problem is with your router connection. If you fix that problem and turn on the router settings again, your router will work as before. Also, if you keep the router off for at least ten minutes every day, then the router will work well.

Make sure the devices are connected to the correct network

If you have several networks within your range, connect the devices to ensure the correct network. A universal WiFi is usually slower, so if your device is connected to such an open network, the connection will be slower than usual.

Change the location of your router:

Internet speeds may be lower if you place your router in front of an electronic object. This is because electromagnetic waves slow down your router’s internet speed. So if that is the case then change the location of your router.

Close all applications that use bandwidth

Streaming apps like Netflix or YouTube receive a lot of bandwidth. So if you do any other work, turn off all other streaming platforms until that work is finished.

Use good security

If you are getting slow broadband speeds then maybe someone else is connected to your router. So you protect your router with good passwords and security. This will keep the speed of your network normal.

Check her out

The speed of the internet may slow down if the connector on the modem or router becomes loose or punched. In addition, a low-quality coaxial splitter also affects the speed. Make sure all wires are in place and connected properly.

Use LAN cable

Use LAN cable if you want to get more internet speed. Even with this cable, if you use a very old LAN cable, the internet speed may be lower. It would be better if you use national cables in Cat-6 and Cat-6. Then your internet speed will be too high.

If there is a large space in the house, add a WiFi repeater

If your device is far away from the router then you can get more speed with the help of a WiFi extender, booster or repeater. This is a good option if you have a large house at home. You can also download software on your laptop and work as a WiFi repeater.

Combine Internet connections to increase speed

Your device may have access to multiple connections, such as home internet, mobile data, or public WiFi. Maybe you are not using them. In that case, instead of wasting the speed of those connections, use a tool like SpeedFi that will consolidate all the connections and you can enjoy high-speed connections.

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