5 Health Benefits of Star Fruit

5 Health Benefits of Star Fruit (Carambola) – The King of Vitamin C and Fiber.

Star Fruit or Carambola is one of the healthy fruits to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is cultivated in South Asian countries. There are numerous health benefits of this healthy food. Some of them are listed below;

About the Carambola

  • A Star-shaped fruit with waxy skin.
  • Rich in vitamin C and Fiber
  • Has a mixed flavor of sweet and sour
  • Ripe fruits are yellow in color and have 10-12 seeds in them.
  • Star Fruit trees can grow up to 6 – 9 meters and grow in a wet and humid atmosphere.
  • A Tree life spam for approximately 40 Years.

Star Fruit – Treatments and Benefits.

1. Blood Pressure – Health Benefits of Star Fruit (Carambola)

The high amount of potassium and sodium the fruit has, controls the level of blood pressure in the human body.

2. Blood Sugar (Diabetes) – Health Benefits of Star Fruit (Carambola)

The hypoglycemic properties of this healthy food have the ability to reduce blood sugar levels and it decreases the liking to consume sugar and sweet products.

3. Sore Eyes – Health Benefits of Star Fruit (Carambola)

As Carambola contains an average amount of Vitamin A, it is used to nourish and increase vision power. Keeping two slices on your both eyes will be a cooling relief for your sore eyes.

4. Indigestion – Health Benefits of Star Fruit (Carambola)

Carambola is considered a fruit rich in fiber. As fiber is one of the main parts in digesting food, consuming this fruit helps the digestion system to absorb the water and soften and regulate the stools.

5. Bacteria and Viruses – Health Benefits of Star Fruit (Carambola)

The ability to be a strong antioxidant with the power of vitamin C. It helps to fight against the bacteria and viruses as cause cough, cold, and nausea.

Carambola Can be Used as:-

  • A cancer-fighting food. (Protects colon mucous membranes from binding with the toxins)
  • A preventive food of fat cell formation. (Lower the cholesterol limits & reduce fatty liver)
  • A liver cancer-preventive food
  • A magnesium-loaded fruit for treating headache, muscle cramps, and asthma.


Through Carambola is a fruit full of benefits and nutrition facts, consuming it regularly may cause side effects such as kidney damage and neurological problems in kidney patients.

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