Avnet Technology Solutions Partners with Next I/O

Avnet Technology Solutions is one of the leading VOIP providers that offer the best VOIP solutions to a majority of small and medium enterprises worldwide. Recently the company has partnered with NextIO a company that delivers I/O services to telecommunication industries. Under this partnership, Avnet Technology Solutions will act as NextIO’s primary integration partner and exclusive distributor for their services.

What do next I/O Services do?

Through this partnership, NextIO will be able to supply their Express Connect products that deliver the best VOIP [] technologies for the modern dynamic data centers. Some of the advantages of Express Connect are as follows:

Express Connect helps companies to get access to many inputs and output devices by default. The benefit is that companies no longer have to stick to one I/O device since they will be provided with a lot of varieties

This device is compatible with other systems and can be accessed by multiple servers

In addition to this, Express Connect is quite flexible and has many I/O resources

This best VOIP device assists companies to offer reliable and better solutions to their clients in a cost-effective manner. This device is a better alternative for small and medium enterprises that are looking at expanding their markets and simultaneously increasing their market value

What Next I/O has to say About the Collaboration?

NextIO is quite pleased with this partnership. The company is in fact looking forward to coming up with more exciting and innovative products for their clients and business customers.

The officials of NextIO stated that Avnet Technology Solutions offers the best VOIP solutions that will work in favor of their company. Through this collaboration, NextIO will offer its customers a larger variety of I/O devices for any network.

Customers by making use of these I/O devices will be saved from the hassle of changing the existing infrastructure or laying the foundation for their I/O services in any server environment.

Review by Avnet Technology Solutions

Mr. Fred Cuen, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Avnet stated that NextIO is a world-class leader that offers one of the best VOIP I/O services to companies. Avnet is quite pleased to become their exclusive distributor.
He further stated that through the unique and sophisticated technologies provided by NextIO, Avnet will be able to deliver many horizontal solutions that will be accessible across any vertical market network. This will also enable the company to offer its best VOIP solutions to wider networks or platforms.

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