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Applying for Overseas Scholarships And What Is The Preparation?

One of the dreams of everyone is to study abroad and get an Overseas Scholarship. Especially when continuing education to the university level. This is because at the university level someone is considered more mature and mature so that they can be independent and responsible for what they do.

Moreover, when we are far from our parents, we are required to do everything ourselves and take all the decisions carefully. Continuing to study abroad can start from S1, S2, or S3. What’s more, it will be more fun when you continue your studies by getting an Overseas Scholarship, without spending your own money.

Overseas Scholarships are usually divided into two, namely:

Fulbright Scholarship. Be happy if you can get a Fulbright scholarship. This means you don’t have to spend money on tuition or daily living expenses. Even flight tickets for departure to the country you are going to are free.

In general, if you get this scholarship then you will be given some fees. As if at the beginning of departure, transportation costs will be borne by the organizers. These airline tickets are usually only reserved for departures and not for return tickets during the holidays.

When you want to go home on vacation, you have to pay for it yourself. Most of the participants when they get an Overseas Scholarship that is far away, such as in Europe or America, return home once a year or even return when they graduate. This is because the return ticket after graduation is also covered by the organizers.

When you arrive in the country you are going to, you will get money for housing and pocket money. There are also some who give extra money to buy the necessary books.

If you take a master’s degree, usually there will be research or seminars that will be taken, especially for the purposes of making journals. The costs for this need are usually borne by the organizers. However, if you take matriculation then you have to prepare your own costs.

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In addition, some organizers, especially in government, you will be allowed to invite a family member. One person in the family is usually from the nuclear family. If you are not married then you can invite your mother or father. If you are married, you can invite your husband, wife, or children.

Thus, if you get this Overseas Scholarship program, it will greatly reduce the cost burden. This is because the pocket money earned for daily needs is different from the pocket money for educational purposes. In addition, if you invite one of the family to accompany him, he will also be given dependent money.

Non-Fulbright Scholarship. Unlike the Fulbright scholarship, this non-Fulbright scholarship does not cover the entire cost of your studies. Some of the organizers also do not include air tickets at the time of departure or return. Here you are required to prepare enough money for daily expenses.

If you get this Overseas Scholarship then you will only get free fees for your studies. Thus, the affairs of the semester or the entrance fee will be borne by the organizers. Usually, this scholarship is given by the university or the country of origin.

This non-Fulbright scholarship can also be divided again. There are scholarships where you are 100% free of study fees, there are also scholarships where you only get a percentage discount. Thus, for this scholarship, you are expected to be more careful about the financing information offered.

If you intend to try to apply for a scholarship, then you should prepare well before you want to apply for the scholarship. If you want to apply for a scholarship for S1 then you can find out since you were in the eleventh grade or the second grade of high school.

This is because Foreign Scholarships are usually opened at the beginning of the 3rd grade or even when you have just advanced to 3rd grade. There are many scholarship options with different opening schedules. If you don’t have time to apply in one place then you can try another program.

Another way that can be done is by attending study abroad exhibitions. This exhibition is held several times so that when you don’t have time to come to one exhibition, you can try to come to another exhibition. When it comes to studying exhibitions, usually scholarships will be directly offered by the university.

The advantage of coming to this exhibition is that you can ask directly the representatives of the university you are going to. You can directly come to the booth of the university that you are interested in and you can ask a lot of things there.

Although usually the exhibition is dominated by private universities, public universities still participate in the exhibition. Another fun thing is that usually, they will make a small show to attract students’ interest.

For example, universities that excel in technology, usually they will show off the robots made by their students. If the university specializes in hospitality or pastry, it will certainly exhibit cooking demonstrations or cake decorating.

Another nice thing is that you can get lots of souvenirs. Sometimes each university will provide souvenirs for participants who stop by their booth. Starting from simple souvenirs such as pens to other interesting things such as tote bags, notebooks, or even goodie bags and their contents.

For those of you who are really interested in entering one of these universities, usually, they will ask for a phone number and email. This will be useful for you and the university. Universities can easily contact you and tell you what programs or scholarships they have.

Here, of course, you can find it easier, because there is direct access to the university. Especially for those of you who have more costs and also want to know more about what the university is like. More costs because the university very rarely holds a Fulbright scholarship program.

It has been mentioned before that it is far to apply for an Overseas Scholarship, so you have to make preparations long before you apply. This is because there will be many things that you have to prepare. One of the preparations that is a little inconvenient is the document.

Preparing documents will be more troublesome when you decide to apply for a scholarship yourself without going through a consulting agency or the like. If you go through an institution, you can be helped regarding the completeness of documents, especially regarding residence permits and students.

In addition, to get a scholarship there will be several requirements that must be met. These requirements will be better when you prepare long before applying for a scholarship. This is because usually, these requirements involve skills or experience.

Some things that must be prepared so that you can meet the requirements or criteria for scholarship recipients are as follows:

English ability

Considering that you will continue to study abroad, you must have good English language skills. The English language proficiency requirements of each country or university are different.

This ability to speak English is usually proven through scores obtained in the TOEFL or IELTS tests. In general, the IELTS score that prospective participants must obtain is approximately 6.5. If not IELTS then you can also submit TOEFL scores.

However, there is something to note about the TOEFL test. Most countries, especially countries that use English, will not receive a TOEFL PBT (paper-based test) score. In other words, you have to do the TOEFL IBT (internet-based test) if you want to apply there.

The difference between the two lies in the test session, the media used, and lastly, of course, the price issue. This needs to be considered considering that in Indonesia there are still many who use the TOEFL PBT to measure their ability to speak English.

Good value

If you want to get an Overseas Scholarship, make sure that you always get good academic grades. If you want to get a scholarship for the S1 level, good and stable grades in each semester should be considered and prepared.

The value of the report card needs to be prepared because, for scholarship organizers who open vacancies before graduation, the score that must be given is the report card value. To find out more about this value, you should check the related website.

Apart from report cards, some of the organizers also require to provide pure marks from national exam results. This value can usually be given after the participant has obtained a diploma.

Thus, before graduating, usually, some students have received certainty to subsequently get an Overseas Scholarship in which country? Although this may not necessarily be able to fully enter because there is still a final stage.

In addition, for those of you who want to continue S2 or S3 then the GPA is the determining factor. The minimum GPA value given is different depending on each organizer. There are even some organizers that require a minimum score of 3.50 on a 4.00 scale.

Organizational Experience and Achievements

Organizational experience is important if you want to apply for scholarships at the undergraduate level. This is because usually, the organizers will look for children who are active in various activities both at school and outside of school.

In addition to organizational experience, you can also highlight aspects of your achievements both in academic and non-academic terms. Thus, if you do not have much experience in the academic field, then you can list what achievements you have received.

If you have both of these experiences then the results will be even better. Seeing this second point proves that grades are not everything to apply for an Overseas Scholarship. Indeed, value is the main requirement. The value can determine whether someone goes to the next stage or not.

However, when entering the next stage, of course, prospective participants who have organizational experience or achievements will have more value. Thus, you should be able to prepare everything well.

Work experience

Work experience is very important when you want to apply for a scholarship for a master’s. This is because some organizers will require participants to first work for a period of about 2 years before continuing their master’s degree.

In addition, work will also determine where you will have to continue your studies. This is because some organizers require participants to take majors that are in accordance with their current job.

Seeing this, if you have passed S1 and are very interested in applying for an Overseas Scholarship, you should choose a job that matches your passion. This will make it easier for you to continue with the major you want.

Knowing The Purpose Of Getting The Scholarship

If you apply for a scholarship, especially one organized by your home country or domestic government, you will be asked about your goals for getting the scholarship and why you are the right person to get the scholarship.

Usually, this reason is written in the form of an essay. The essay must contain things that can be useful for others. Thus, when you get the scholarship, it will not benefit you but will also benefit others.

In this essay, you can also write about your hopes or dreams when you get a scholarship. For example, when you decide to major in medicine, you explain the state of health in Indonesia and you want to change it for the better.

Such reasons will be easier to accept than if your reason for your own sake. However, what you write must be true to your heart’s content. This will make your writing look more honest and not made up.

Writing Ability

Be the last factor for you if you want to make preparations to apply for scholarships abroad. As explained in point five, you must write an essay. In addition, some organizers also require you to make a proposal.

With good writing skills, you will easily write down ideas. This will make it easy for anyone to read so they will immediately understand what you are trying to convey.

As previously explained, to apply for an Overseas Scholarship, you must have good English language skills. This ability can be measured through the scores of English language tests such as TOEFL or IELTS obtained.

In order to get good grades to get an Overseas Scholarship, then you should prepare from now on. One of them is English Bridge which provides test preparation for TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, TOEIC, and many more.

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