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Prospective employees lie a lot during job interviews

Quite a shocking statement, right? Are you one of them, Bright Friends?

Graphologist Deborah Dewi, via, said that quite a lot of prospective employees do not hesitate to lie when applying for jobs.

In fact, the population of prospective employees who are willing to lie reaches 60%. Deborah also explained that the fraudulent actions of the prospective employees actually had a negative impact.

In the future, prospective employees who lie during the recruitment process can disrupt group cooperation within the company. Communication is not conducive and the employee turnover cycle is also affected. Then, how do companies know that prospective employees are telling the truth or lying? Deborah suggests detecting it through the handwriting of prospective employees who are examined using forensic interviews.

Meanwhile, lie, detection expert, Handoko Gani said that in every conversation there is no definite sign of whether someone is lying or not. Therefore, he suggests modifying the questions during the interview to get honest information from prospective employees.

Well, for prospective employees, keep in mind that lying for any reason is still not right. Don’t because you want one job, you justify all means. If you are accepted for a job and your lies at the beginning of the recruitment process are exposed, can you imagine the shame you will face later? It’s wiser to act, yes.

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