Vitamin D for Bone Health and Overall Wellness

Vitamin D, the “sunshine” vitamin, has long been known for its help with bone development and strength; however, research and studies have found that Vitamin D could be the answer to many health issues.

Ideally, we get our daily recommended dose of Vitamin D through sun exposure. Keep in mind, this is IF the sun is shining, we are not wearing sunscreen and enough skin is exposed to direct sunlight. The time needed for an adequate amount of Vitamin D varies from one individual to another. Because people are becoming more conscious of sun damage to the skin, sun exposure is increasingly limited. Also as we age, it is more difficult for our body to convert sun exposure to Vitamin D. Others who are at a greater risk of Vitamin D deficiency are people who have limited sun exposure, older adults, exclusively breastfed infants, people with darker skin, those with fat malabsorption issues, people who are obese or who have had gastric by-pass surgery.

This simple little vitamin is not so simple after all. It can be instrumental in the prevention and treatment of many health conditions. Insufficient levels of Vitamin D have been linked to:
-muscle weakness/pain from musculoskeletal disorders
-poor bone health
-weak immune system
-high blood pressure
-multiple sclerosis
-rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis
-renal osteodystrophy (bone problems related to chronic kidney failure)
-various skin conditions (scleroderma, vitiligo, psoriasis)
-heart and blood vessel disorders

Very few foods contain Vitamin D naturally. Tuna, Mackeral, salmon, and sardines have limited levels of Vitamin D. Food products “fortified with Vitamin D” are available: milk, cereals, and some juices; however, most of the Vitamin D is absorbed by the body is through sun exposure. With these facts in mind, it is clear we are at a high risk of insufficient levels of Vitamin D.

Blood tests can determine if a person has a Vitamin D deficiency. The correct amount each individual will require to meet their needs may vary based on weight and age. Vitamin D can be life-altering in the way you feel from day to day, and certainly, can affect your health in years to come.  For more information about Vitamin D please visit

Remember…it’s your life…your health…live well!

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