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Starting from the younger generation to the older generation everybody is aware of Whatsapp messenger. It enables us to get connected with relatives, office colleagues, friends, and family. Even if we are in a situation where we cannot share anything directly through the phone, we can able to share it through Whatsapp.  What should we do in order to stay connected with others? It is pretty much the easiest process that could be done in five to ten minutes. Let us focus on the procedure of doing that easiest process and this article will be helpful for the newbie who is new to the Whatsapp concept.

How to start?

All that you need to do is just download the software of WhatsApp on pc or your Smartphone. You can either download it from the play store or any other sites that are providing the service to download free software. But beware of the viruses that are being spread through such websites. When you download, those malicious things will be brought to your system as an added thing. So you should be careful in downloading such software. If you have installed any antivirus software in your system then there is no need to get worried. This is because it will scan the downloaded attachments and if any of unwanted malicious things are found, they will be removed by the antivirus software.

After downloading and installing your system, you should register to get a new Whatsapp account that is unique to you. The details that you need to give in the process of registration would be the mobile number that you are going to use as the Whatsapp number, the zip code of your country, and a strong password that you need to log in.

These are three aspects that are used to complete the registration process. After this process is completed, you can add the contacts to it. And then you can start to communicate with the people. Like other messengers, this messenger also consists of privacy options. You can either set it that you could be viewed by the people who are on the contact list.  If you set such options, then your profile of yours will not be viewed by others who are not on the contact lists.

The texting experience in this application is great and fetches you a good relationship with the people you are connected with.  The group chat is available in which you can add the people of your wish and can chat with all the members in that particular group. And also the smiley and the stickers in the messenger will help you to express what you are feeling. It enhances the process of conveying your feelings easily. It will be so funnier and also you can make phone calls through Whatsapp messenger and it does not require the money balance to call. Instead, the data that you are having will be enough to make the call all over the world.

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