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Funingpu: Your Trusted Gelatin Manufacturer for Consistent Supply and Business Specification

End food and drug distributors require a gelatin manufacturer that can provide a consistent supply of high-quality products while adhering to business specifications. Offering end distributors a trustworthy source of gelatin for their food and medicinal formulations, Funingpu establishes itself as a credible partner with more than 30 years of expertise in the gelatin production industry. This article explains why Funingpu is the ideal choice for wholesalers searching for a gelatin manufacturer who can guarantee consistent supply while meeting commercial requirements.

Stable Supply Strength:

Funingpu operates a state-of-the-art gelatin production facility with a capacity of 15,000 tons per year. This substantial production capability ensures a stable supply of gelatin products for end distributors, even during periods of high demand. With their well-established manufacturing processes and efficient operations, Funingpu can meet the needs of distributors with consistent and timely deliveries. End distributors can rely on Funingpu’s stable supply strength to maintain uninterrupted production and meet their customers’ requirements.

Fully Qualified and Certified:

Funingpu’s commitment to meeting business specifications is reflected in their fully qualified and certified manufacturing processes. With certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO22000 & FSSC22000, and GMP, Funingpu demonstrates its dedication to maintaining high-quality standards and ensuring the safety and traceability of its gelatin products. By partnering with Funingpu, end distributors can have confidence in the quality and consistency of the gelatin they receive, knowing that it meets their business specifications and regulatory requirements.


For end-user food and pharmaceuticals distributors, Funingpu is a dependable supplier of high-quality gelatin products that abide by contractual requirements. Funingpu guarantees that end distributors may continue uninterrupted manufacturing and deliver outstanding gelatin-based solutions to their clients by maintaining a steady supply strength and having the capacity to meet individual formulation needs. The company is a popular option in the sector due to its emphasis on quality, collaboration, and innovation.

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