Injecting 3.5 million year old virus to stay young forever?

Scientists believe they have found a cure for “eternal immortality” from an ancient virus.

In 2013, Anatoli Brouchkov, a Russian scientist at Moscow University, injected himself with an ancient virus about 3.5 million years old found in the Siberian permafrost.

According to Anatoli Brouchkov, injecting this virus into the body does not make him weak, on the contrary, it makes him feel healthier.

An ancient virus called Bacillus F was discovered in 2009 by Dr. Anatoli Brouchkov himself and dated to 3.5 million years old.
After the injection, Brouchkov said: “I started working more during the day and haven’t been sick for the last two years. “
He also further revealed that this virus may have entered the body of humans and animals around the area where it was found.
According to Brouchkov: “ The permafrost here is melting, so bacteria may have spread into the environment. According to statistics, the Yakut people living in this area have a longer life expectancy than others. So I don’t think there will be any danger to myself. “
However, Brouchkov confessed that he did not know exactly what the bacteria were doing to his body. ” We can’t understand how it works, but we can see its effects,” he said. It is possible that this bacteria will have side effects, but I think current technology is sufficient to address this limitation. ”
In fact, Brouchkov was not reckless enough to inject himself with an unknown virus. In previous experiments with mice and plants, the virus showed the potential to help very old female mice continue to reproduce, while also speeding up the healing of plants.

Doctor of epidemiology Viktor Chernyavsky of Moscow University further explained: “This bacterium secreted a form of biologically active substance that activates the immune system of experimental animals. Thanks to that, the mice that are too old not only become more active and healthy but also can reproduce. “If this active ingredient is injected into humans, it has great potential for our health and can even be likened to the ‘elixir of life,” he said.

The Bacillus F virus is not the only ancient virus discovered by scientists from Moscow University. Before that, another virus was also found in the permafrost layer, capable of breaking down petroleum molecules into water.

Scientists say they have the potential to help us find faster and more effective ways to deal with oil spills.

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