iPhone 7C more attractive than iPhone 5C thanks to the metal case?

With a metal case, the iPhone 7C will be much more attractive than the older iPhone 5C. The iPhone 7C will be equipped with a metal case which is also the latest information about Apple’s upcoming smartphone

Analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo from KGI Securities has many accurate predictions about Apple – the world’s most profitable smartphone maker thanks to sources within Apple’s supply chain in Europe. ASIAN.

So far, he has correctly predicted that Apple will not launch the iPhone 6C alongside the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

However, it is possible that “Apple” will launch this product next year with the name iPhone 7C along with the iPhone 7 generation.

In particular, this phone model will return to the 4-inch screen, the traditional screen size of Apple, but the iPhone 7C will not have a plastic shell like the iPhone 5C but will be designed with a solid aluminum frame. Much more solid and classy.
Also according to analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, the iPhone model with a 4-inch screen will be put into mass production from the beginning of 2016 to prepare for the launch of new products in the fall of next year.

According to Apple’s customs, each year in September this company will release a generation of iPhones, so if the 4-inch iPhone model is announced next year, it will most likely be called iPhone 7C and will be released alongside the iPhone 7.
Whatever the name of the iPhone with this 4-inch screen, it will certainly have a metal case and A9 chip – Apple’s latest chip instead. because of the type of chip that Apple plans to make for the iPhone 7 next year.

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In addition, this phone model will also not be equipped with 3D Touch screen technology – the latest feature on current iPhone models.
So this will be a cheap, compact product for those who love Apple’s traditional 4-inch screen size.
Analysts Ming-Chi-Kuo also said that Foxconn will be tasked with producing iPhone 7C in the future with about 20 to 30 million iPhones with 4-inch screens.

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