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Lower Your Risks – Hire A Licensed Contractor

It Happens More Often Than You Might Guess.

Homeowners will have renovations, repairs, and even additions done to their houses without first making sure they’ve hired a fully licensed / fully insured contractor.

Sometimes these qualifications are overlooked because the individual or company offering an estimate has presented a much lower bid for a project than their competitors. Selecting an unlicensed contractor in order to save money could produce some extremely expensive results.

Let’s compare just a few advantages and risks:

A Licensed Contractor will have the knowledge and experience to carry out the work using materials and procedures that are in full compliance with local building codes and standards. They are required to have these skills in order to qualify for their license.

There is no reliable way to know if an unlicensed contractor is doing the work correctly. If the job is completed and a later inspection reveals that the results did not meet local codes and standards, You as the homeowner will be required to pay for any and all corrections.

A Licensed contractor that is fully insured will be covered in the event of injury to a worker or accidental damage to your home while the work is being done.

An individual or company without full coverage – or without the right ‘kind’ of coverage may make YOU, as the homeowner/client liable for all damage or injuries happening on your property, and possibly relying on your home owner’s policy for any claims.

Manufactured devices and systems such as furnaces, solar panels, air conditioning systems . . window units, etc. – Can be installed with a valuable and active Manufacturer’s Warranty. Depending on the item installed and local laws, this warranty may be VOID if the work was done by an unlicensed contractor.

A Licensed Contractor will have qualified for specific training from the company providing the kit, materials, or system, and can confidently and correctly install a fully warranted product.

There is a long list of other reasons to be sure your contractor is fully licensed and insured. These were just a few examples.

Do yourself a big favor from the very start of your home project.
Hire Licensed Professionals.

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