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SmallRig VB99 mini V-Mount Battery: Power and Portability for Your Filmmaking Needs

SmallRig, a leading brand in camera accessories, introduces the VB99 mini V-Mount Battery, offering filmmakers a powerful and portable solution to power their equipment. With its compact design and intelligent features, this V-Mount battery is designed to enhance your filmmaking experience.

SmallRig VB99 mini V-Mount Battery: Power and Portability for Your Filmmaking Needs

Compact and Lightweight Design for On-the-Go Filmmaking

The SmallRig VB99 mini V-Mount Battery is approximately 30% smaller than traditional V-Mount batteries, making it compact and lightweight for easy portability. This reduction in size allows you to lighten the burden of carrying heavy equipment, making it ideal for on-the-go filmmakers who value mobility without compromising on power.

Intelligent BMS Chip for Efficient and Safe Charging

Equipped with a highly integrated BMS chip, the VB99 mini V-Mount Battery offers efficient and safe charging capabilities. The intelligent chip supports various fast-charging protocols, including bi-directional 65W (Max) USB-C PD fast charging. This means you can charge your battery quickly and conveniently using compatible chargers, saving you time during busy shoots. Additionally, the built-in BMS system provides multiple protections against over-current, short-circuit, over-temperature, and over-voltage, ensuring the safety of your equipment.

Versatile Compatibility for Various Camera Equipment

The SmallRig VB99 mini V-Mount Battery is designed with versatility in mind. It features various interfaces, including V-Mount, D-Tap, USB-A, USB-C, and more, allowing you to power a wide range of camera equipment such as cameras, camcorders, monitors, wireless transmitters, and video lights. This versatility makes the VB99 mini V-Mount Battery a valuable asset for filmmakers who work with different gear setups.


The SmallRig VB99 mini V-Mount Battery is the perfect companion for filmmakers looking for a compact, lightweight, and versatile power solution. Its intelligent features, such as the highly integrated BMS chip and fast-charging capabilities, ensure efficient and safe charging while on set. With its compatibility with various camera equipment, the VB99 mini V-Mount Battery offers convenience and flexibility to meet the demands of your filmmaking projects. Power up your gear with SmallRig’s VB99 mini V-Mount Battery and experience the freedom to capture every moment without the burden.

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