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SUNINE LASER’s U Series UV Laser Printing Machine: Precision and Efficiency in Industrial Marking

SUNINE LASER introduces the U Series UV Laser Printing Machine, an advanced device that utilizes ultraviolet laser technology to create permanent and high-quality marks on various materials. This article explores the key features of SUNINE LASER‘s UV Laser Printing Machine, including its efficient absorption of materials, rapid marking speed, and advanced intelligent chipset. With its superior wavelength absorption, fast processing capabilities, and high-performance results, the UV Laser Printing Machine offers a powerful solution for a wide range of marking applications.

Superior Wavelength Absorption: Clear and High-Contrast Results

SUNINE LASER’s UV Laser Printing Machine utilizes 3W UV lasers, which are better absorbed by materials compared to other wavelengths and marking techniques. This efficient absorption requires less power to produce a clear mark in a single application, resulting in high-quality and high-contrast results. The UV laser’s ability to penetrate and interact with various materials ensures precise marking on surfaces ranging from metals to plastics and even sensitive materials.

Rapid Marking Speed: Boosting Efficiency

With a marking speed of up to 12,000 mm/s, SUNINE LASER’s UV Laser Printing Machine offers impressive efficiency for marking tasks. The high-speed capability enables swift and accurate marking of complex graphics, text, or barcodes on various materials. Whether it’s high-volume production lines or time-sensitive projects, the machine’s rapid marking speed contributes to enhanced productivity and streamlined workflows.

Advanced Intelligent Chipset: Fast Data Processing

SUNINE LASER’s UV Laser Printing Machine incorporates a high-performance, self-developed intelligent chipset. This chipset is designed to handle vast amounts of data and complex graphics swiftly and efficiently. The machine’s intelligent chipset ensures seamless communication with external devices and systems, providing compatibility with standard and communication protocols commonly used in industrial environments. This capability allows for easy integration into existing production lines and seamless data exchange, simplifying the overall marking process. The advanced intelligence of the chipset enhances operational efficiency and accuracy, making it an invaluable asset for businesses with diverse marking requirements.


SUNINE LASER’s UV Laser Printing Machine offers a powerful solution for high-quality marking with speed and intelligence. Its utilization of 3W UV lasers ensures superior wavelength absorption, resulting in clear and high-contrast marks on various materials. The machine’s rapid marking speed of up to 12,000 mm/s boosts efficiency and productivity, enabling swift marking of complex graphics and text. Additionally, the advanced intelligent chipset ensures fast data processing and compatibility with standard and communication protocols, facilitating seamless integration into existing production lines.

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