Tips to Invite Children to Get acquainted with Healthy Food

Your little picky eater, in other words, prefers snacks and snacks to eating vegetables and fruit? Then, it’s time for him to get acquainted with healthy food, Bright Friends.

Explain the benefits of the food

Give a brief explanation of the benefits of eating healthy foods. For example, when he eats spinach, explain that spinach contains potassium which is good for energy, with spinach he can be even more excited when playing and exercising.

Avoid categorizing food into “good” and “bad”

Boxing good and bad food only make your little one picky. Instead, explain that vegetables, fruit, and fish are good foods to eat every day, while chips and candy are not good to eat every day because they contain preservatives that can have a bad impact on health.

Get the kids involved in the cooking process

By allowing your little one to actively choose healthy foods for himself, he feels included and more valued. In addition, he will also get used to a menu full of nutrition from an early age. Feel free to visit to know more about – health tips

Serve the menu creatively

Your creativity in serving food will make your little one happy to eat healthy food. Try serving vegetables in the shape of their idol, then invite them to talk about the nutritional content of the food. With interesting shapes and explanations, even your little one will prefer healthy food.

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