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Unlock the Power of Durability with OKSUN’s Heavy Duty Sliding Door Hardware

OKSUN, the leading supplier of heavy duty sliding door hardware, offers a comprehensive range of refined, simple, and enduring barn door track kits. Their high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure longevity and performance. With a team of over 50 skilled workers and a state-of-the-art workshop spanning over 3,000 square meters, OKSUN has the capacity to meet your demands with precision and efficiency, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality.

Experience Unmatched Strength with OKSUN’s Sliding Barn Door Track

OKSUN’s sliding barn door track provides unmatched strength and durability, making it the ideal choice for commercial and industrial settings. Crafted from top-quality materials, these heavy-duty tracks withstand the test of time, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sliding doors are supported by OKSUN’s robust track system.

Precision Manufacturing for Superior Performance

With a focus on precision manufacturing, OKSUN’s in-house punching, cutting, and assembling departments ensure meticulous control over every stage of production. This attention to detail guarantees that each component of their sliding door hardware meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Trust OKSUN to deliver products that exceed your expectations and stand up to the demands of heavy usage.

Complete Kits for Seamless Installation

OKSUN offers complete barn door track hardware kits that include all the necessary components for a seamless installation. Each kit is carefully curated to provide a comprehensive solution, ensuring hassle-free setup and smooth operation. With OKSUN’s hardware kits, you can save time and effort while achieving a professional finish that enhances the aesthetics of any space.


Elevate your business to new heights with OKSUN’s heavy-duty sliding door hardware. Their refined, simple, and enduring barn door track kits provide unmatched strength and durability. With precision manufacturing and complete kits for seamless installation, OKSUN ensures superior performance and user satisfaction. Trust in their expertise and unlock the power of durability for your commercial or industrial space. Choose OKSUN for heavy-duty sliding door hardware that stands the test of time.

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