Visit the unique headquarters of 8 famous technology companies

Office space plays a very important role in whether employees achieve their highest productivity or not. It is no coincidence that technology giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook have achieved so much success, which is the result of taking care of employees to the teeth and focusing on building an extremely interesting workspace. taste

1. Google, Victoria

Google’s Victorian office has a wall system of whiteboards so employees can take notes at any time.

Like the headquarters named Googleplex located in Mountain View, California, the offices of Internet giant Google located around the world have extremely wild and novel designs. A prime example is a branch located in Victoria, London with a complete indoor park system, a recording room, pool table, and whiteboard walls that can be written on throughout the office.

2. Google, St Giles

Designed by Renzo Piano, Google’s newest London office doesn’t break the tradition created by the very Google buildings that preceded it. Located in the heart of St Giles, the office is designed with a Star Trek-inspired interior with a unique system of tables, chairs, doors, and meeting rooms.

3. Skype, London

The spiral staircase is the most impressive highlight of the Skype office.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft also embarked on the process of “unifying” its offices when most recently Skype’s London office attracted a lot of attention from the community. Accordingly, this headquarters is highlighted by delicately designed appliances, an indoor garden, a pool table, and especially the impressive spiral staircase system.

4. Apple Spaceship, Cupertino

An extremely impressive drawing of the headquarters being cherished by Apple turns into reality.

Although it is still in the earliest stages of development, the “spaceship” headquarters Apple is planning to build is one of the most appreciated buildings today in terms of design. If Apple follows through with the drawings and plans, this building will have the appearance of a spaceship only found in fantasy novels.

The building is expected to have 4 floors, arranged in a circle with a very large open space in the middle planted with many trees. The headquarters will house 14,000 employees and will be able to power its own operations. According to the drawings, the building as a whole will look more like a nature reserve than an office.

The project will take about 4 to 5 billion USD to complete and is expected to go into operation in 2016.

5. Facebook, Menlo Park

Facebook is at the top of the list for providing the best working environment for employees.

The current office Facebook is using previously belonged to Sun Microsystems, however, as a young company, of course, Facebook has its own way of breaking when it receives this office. Accordingly, Facebook hired Gensler, a film designer, and producer, to recreate its headquarters in the style of the city where Facebook was first created.

Facebook’s headquarters is maximized for the communication of employees even when they are in different rooms in the easiest and fastest way to improve teamwork efficiency.

In particular, the walls at Facebook headquarters are adorned with custom-designed shapes that have not appeared anywhere else in the world.

6. Nvidia, Santa Clara

Nvidia’s two-zone headquarters are under construction and will come into operation within the next two years.

With the expected design of Nvidia’s new headquarters located in Santa Clara, perhaps the “spaceship” style design trend is very popular in the technology world.

It is known that the idea of ​​​​the headquarters is a combination of triangles to simulate the raster structure in computer graphics (space description, image in the form of a certain shape). Construction on this project began this summer and will be completed in July 2015.

7. McLaren Technology Centre, Woking

Experts do not hesitate to praise this work as a true work of art.

Famous for its Formula 1 supercars, McLaren is also known for its exquisitely designed headquarters that emphasizes precision in construction.

8. Airbnb, San Francisco

The colorful space of randomness is what Airbnb is all about.

Airbnb is a rookie that has just entered the playground of technology companies with weird offices. In addition to corporate-wide furniture arranged in a highly impromptu arrangement, Airbnb also has meeting rooms that look no different from art galleries around the world. The technology company also values ​​the employee experience when it comes to building a variety of rooms that are highly relaxing and entertaining.

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