IPhone - What does I mean

Best wishes to everyone at the beginning of Techtunes’ new tune. How are you all? I phope everyone is well.

That’s what I did today when the whole world was on the iPhone. What does the I of the iPhone mean?

What does I of iPhone mean? Why did I come?

Steve Jhobs was not so arrogant that he would put ‘i’ everywhere in the expression of self-glory. When iMac came on the market in 1997, the Internet was booming. With that in mind, Jobs said of the Internet, “I is the Internet. After that, with the passage of time, the internet spread everywhere.

Jhobs’ business is also growing in different directions. As a result, Jobs also expanded the meaning of i. At present, I mean Information, Individual Instruct, Inform, and Inspire. Apple’s business philosophy is based on these four words.

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