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Tips for Choosing IELTS Jakarta Lessons

Choosing a place for IELTS Jakarta lessons is one of the most important things before taking the IELTS test. There are several tips that you need to know before deciding to take IELTS preparation.

The place for IELTS Jakarta lessons is very important because when you have decided on the place for the course, you are the same as pinning your hopes on a high IELTS score at the tutoring venue.

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Here are some tips for choosing a place for IELTS Jakarta lessons:

1. Be careful with the guaranteed IELTS Jakarta course

Currently, there are many IELTS course places that guarantee high scores. Such a course is no different from the usual course.

Most of these courses charge high fees and long study hours. Usually, due to time and location constraints, it is rare for a student to return to collect the guarantee.

2. Free English Placement Test (EPT)

In addition to providing guarantees, many IELTS Jakarta courses also provide English Placement Test (EPT) for free or at a low cost.

The correct EPT is to provide appropriate information about a person’s English language skills. But there are still many who use this method as a marketing trick for sellers of long-duration courses.

EPT should be used to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the prospective course participants’ abilities in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

With the correct results, then we can know our English ability. We can use these results to improve your shortcomings so that you can maximize the time to reach the target.

3. Teacher

One of the keys to success in taking the IELTS Jakarta Course is the ability of the quality of the teachers who teach. A good teacher will direct one’s strengths with a limited amount of time to get a good IELTS score.

Make sure before you decide to take the IELTS Jakarta Course, don’t hesitate to ask for the qualifications of the teacher who teaches.

Sometimes the teacher’s English skills are very good but have never taken the IELTS test, so it is necessary to doubt his ability to teach IELTS. Because teaching English in general or conversation is very different from teaching IELTS preparation.

4. Books Used

Ask the IELTS course you are attending about the source of the books you use to study. Don’t be shy to ask, because you will pay and deserve the best for IELTS preparation.

Luckily, the books used in teaching the IELTS Course are mostly imported books, not IELTS preparation books that are easily available on the market.

Books on the market may not be bad, but it is better to use imported books. This shows their seriousness in paying attention to the quality of the curriculum that is taught to their students.

The point is that you have to dare to ask before you take or decide on an IELTS Course somewhere. One of the most trusted places for IELTS Jakarta courses is English Bridge, which is located at Ruko Inkopal Block C No. 31, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta.

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