Study Abroad and the Benefits

Having the opportunity to study abroad is one of the most exciting things. If you cannot afford to study at your own expense, then you can look for scholarships. Many scholarships are offered by the Indonesian government, private parties, universities, and the government of the destination country.

Continuing to study abroad means you can get the opportunity to learn many things. Especially about local culture. Knowing the local culture automatically means that we will learn about their way of communicating, their manners, and their traditions.

In addition, we are also required to be able to adapt to the local environment. Of course, this can be an interesting experience. Through this diversity, we can learn about many things that we might not get if we only study at home. This will certainly be a plus. Thus, in addition to enriching our academic abilities, we can also enrich our attitude skills.

Seeing the various things that you can feel when you study abroad, it would be a shame if you only applied for a scholarship only to study in the country. Through this scholarship program, you can maximize the opportunity to learn more.

In addition to getting to know local wisdom, there are many other things that are an advantage if you study abroad.

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Some other things are as follows:

  1. Learning Material Reference

Study abroad so you can get a variety of the latest literature. In addition, easy access to references from books, journals, and other literature. This is because the development of research is more advanced in western countries. In addition, several theories and concepts also use western Qibla.

Based on this, it is certain that the development of knowledge abroad is faster than at home. This development is not only felt in the world of technology and medicine, but also in discussions of social and scientific objects.

In the field of social & sciences because most social theory refers to western understanding. One of the most famous countries is Germany. Germany is not only known for studying technology but also as a reference for certain ideologies or schools of thought in the social & science fields.

Through these advantages and advantages, the knowledge you get will be superior if you study abroad. This is considering when several things have been widely studied outside but only entered Indonesia 2 to 3 years later. Even some studies have a longer period of time than that to enter Indonesia

  1. Communication Ability

Studying abroad can make you fluent in foreign languages, especially English. In addition, if you study in several countries where some people do not understand English such as Japan, China, and Spain, then you can get added value.

This added value will be very useful because you can learn English as well as learn the national language of the country. When you return to Indonesia, of course, this will be an added value in addition to being a graduate from abroad.

Apart from language, this communication ability can also be seen in your attitude in communicating with other people. This is because if you study abroad, you will meet many people from various backgrounds and personalities.

Although if you study in the country you can also meet people from various backgrounds and personalities, abroad the case can be even more complicated. This is because each country has different customs and traditions. Thus, their understanding of any one thing can also be different.

Often you meet and interact with many people which will improve communication skills and confidence. This is also one of the factors you can adapt quickly to new people you meet.

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  1. Open Minded

Meeting a lot of diversity and differences can make you more open-minded in judging many things. This can make you more tolerant by respecting differences. An open-minded attitude can make it easy to get along with and have harmonious relationships with other people.

This is certainly very useful if you continue your study abroad. This is because you will find a lot of different things that you may not have encountered before. Seeing the many differences that exist, you must quickly adapt and accept each of these differences.

As the saying goes “where the earth is stepped on, there the sky is upheld.” That means you have to appreciate everything where you are. Be it in terms of rules, habits, norms, and much more. Of course, this proverb is very applicable even when you are abroad.

This is because if you want to be well-received in the country, then you must respect and obey every existing rule, custom, or norm. If what they do is against your beliefs such as religion for example, then you can explain it well to them.

It’s not easy to be in that position. But if you can behave and explain it well, surely they can accept it. That way, you don’t have to worry. Another thing why an open mind is needed when you study abroad is related to homesickness.

Some of you may be familiar with this term, especially for overseas children who live outside the city or even abroad. Homesick for each person is different depending on how they deal with it. There are mild levels, where you only feel homesick or even severe.

Feeling homesick for home and hometown for overseas children is a very, very natural thing. But this is different when the case is you feel homesick for a long time which causes you to feel bored and don’t feel at home in a new place.

Did you know that homesickness is one of the causes of individuals being less able to adapt to their new environment? Many factors are the cause why a person is less able to adapt to a new environment. One of them is because they are not able to be open-minded.

Basically, there are many other advantages why you should have an open-minded nature. Just by looking at the two examples above, you can understand that this is very necessary to survive in a new place. Thus, start to be an open-minded person.

  1. Extensive knowledge

Gaining knowledge can be done in various ways. Knowledge can be obtained through books, other people, experience, and even from a place. You can also get everything if you continue your study abroad.

The first is through books. Reference books abroad are usually more up-to-date when compared to books at home. You can access books through the library, online, or even buy them in stores. The existence of books of good quality can increase your knowledge.

The number of quality books that you can read means that the quality of foreign graduates is better. So you must make the most of this opportunity. Later you can use this as a comparison with how the development of literature in the country.

Apart from books, you can also get extensive knowledge from the people you meet. If you study abroad and take international classes, you will get friends not only from local residents but also from various other countries.

On this basis, you can learn many things from them. You can share stories about your country of origin or other stories. Through the stories they share, there must be lessons you can take. Therefore, knowledge is not only obtained from the school but also from the people around.

Other sources of knowledge can also be obtained through experience. Surely you are familiar with the phrase “Experience is the best teacher.” Saying that experience is the best teacher of course many people will agree on this. Through experience, you can learn and meet many things.

Many people have changed for the better on the basis of their experiences. People sometimes become more mature and mature because they can learn from their experiences.

Experience can also lead to knowledge when from there you get something new or interesting. Then you make this experiential learning that may not only be for yourself but also for others.

The last discussion is about the knowledge you get from certain places. Every nation has its own history and every place has its own history. When you visit a lot of places in a country, you will get to know more about that country.

The knowledge you get can be more when the place you visit is historic for the country. In addition, the place may have its own uniqueness or characteristics. Seeing this, of course, the more interesting experiences you can get.

  1. Independent

Being away from the closest people, especially when you are in a different country, requires you to be more independent. Independent in everything because you will meet new people later. Overall you are required to be independent in managing small things to big ones.

Starting from small things such as arranging a place to live. You have to start managing cleanliness, and tidiness, and determine what is needed in your room. In everyday life, you have to start managing it yourself. Another thing that is regulated in daily life is the problem of food.

You should be able to regulate your diet and pay attention to what foods enter your body. Especially if you have certain diseases and have dietary restrictions then you are obliged to pay attention to them. One example is allergies.

You should be more careful in choosing food in order to minimize the possibility of your disease reappearing. In addition, those of you who do not have restrictions on food should start taking care of the food. Don’t always eat junk food or fast food. If forced to buy food, choose healthy and good quality food.

In addition to food, you also start to be able to manage monthly money. You have to arrange as much as possible so that the money is enough for one month. Thus, you must begin to learn to distinguish between what you need and what you need.

Being an independent person, you will also be required to be able to decide everything wisely and responsibly. What you do, you have to think about the consequences. This is because you live alone so you have to be able to handle everything on your own.

  1. International Relations

Continuing your study abroad makes you have relationships abroad. Not infrequently, Indonesian students immediately work in the country where they study after they graduate. Of course, this is a separate opportunity to be able to feel how the work climate in other countries is.

It will also be an advantage if you choose an international class. This is because the relationships you get can be wider. Thus, there is an opportunity for you to work in another country, not only where you study.

  1. Valuable experience

Overall from points one to six, you can already imagine how much fun it would be if you continue your study abroad. Of course, there will be many things that you get and learn. This will definitely be a valuable experience for you.

To study abroad, you must have a good command of the English language. This ability can be measured through an English test such as TOEFL or IELTS.

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