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Automotive Transmission Technology Development Trend – China Fanless Mini Pc

Automotive Transmission Technology Development Trend – China Fanless Mini Pc – China Via Mini Pc.

In recent years, with innovative features of the cars competing with advanced transmission technology, contests, and a diversified, innovative automatic transmission technology into the development of the world auto industry a beautiful landscape.

AT Market In the past 20 years, the global automotive automatic transmission AT technology, products, market continuously rapid development, despite its complex structure, large size, quality too much weight, fuel consumption and higher, higher prices, maintenance costs, etc. subject to AMT, CVT, DCT and other more advanced automatic transmissions a serious challenge, but its automatic shift transmission reliability and supple nature of the market are still to be widely recognized. In order to improve the inherent lack of AT, in particular, to improve the fuel economy and comfort, AT gradually from 3-speed, 4-speed development to 5-speed. For each additional forward gear, it is reasonable size is bound to increase, the quality is bound to increase. French architect Le-Pelletier invented and creation of a title for the “Lepelletier” the special structure of the gear components. Adopted the “Lepelletier” gear parts, so that designers can use fewer components to create more forward blocks of the AT. In 2001, the German company ZF introduced the first rear-wheel-drive six-speed 6HP26-type AT, the first use of such bodies, 6HP26-type 6-speed AT model 5HP24 than the previous generation 5-speed AT decreased by 30% of the parts, quality and reduce by 12%, the output of 600Nm torque, weighs only 85kg, size is also shorter than the previous 50mm, acceleration performance and fuel economy also have significantly improved. Since then, a subsidiary of Aisin AW Toyota, Nissan unit JATCO companies have launched a 6-speed AT. Mercedes-Benz Motor Company in 2003, is introduced a seven-speed 7G-Tronic type AT. General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Company unwilling to transmission technology, competition, decline, have to catch up, in 2003, an unprecedented collaboration and cooperation, joint development of 6-speed AT. 2006 Aisin AW introduced the world’s first eight-speed Tiptronic smart electronic control AT ECT-i, 2007 Nian 5 Yue ZF announced that it has successfully developed a new 8-speed AT, plans to enter the market before 2008, claiming that the eight AT-speed fuel consumption and now use six-speed AT can reduce by 6% compared with the original 5-speed AT can be reduced by about 14% compared to. 1998 GM and Shanghai Automotive Group established a joint venture Shanghai General Motors Company, in Pudong production 4-speed AT; 1999 during Honda Automobile and Dongfeng Motor Corporation established a joint venture Dongfeng Honda Engine Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, production of four-speed and 5-speed AT; 2004 Nian June ZF joint venture with Shanghai Automotive Group, established in Shanghai ZF transmission companies in the Shanghai Anting production 5HP-19-type 5-speed AT, and in 2006 started producing 6HP-type 6-speed AT; 2004 Nian 11, Japanese AISIN AW’s joint venture with China FAW Group Corporation, Tianjin, Ada automatic transmission, co-production six-speed AT; 2006 Nian 3 Yue Honda in China, Foshan, Nanhai, Guangdong Province, to establish wholly-owned Honda Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., plans to produce 240,000 units automatic transmission, in 2006 with Ford’s Getrag close cooperative relationship with the establishment of Jiangxi Jiangling Motors Getrag transmission company, intends to produce cars with the MT and AMT. However, to objectively pointed out, the new 6AT, 7AT, 8AT only in the high-end luxury car field emission display its advantages in the automotive market, becomes a mainstream medium and small-displacement cars, and in no use, in this area, the traditional AT rather gradually advanced CVT and DCT substitution trends. CVT Market Bosch Group in the Netherlands Van Doorne’s CVT transmission is steel manufacturers and suppliers, as CVT transmission belt is one of the most important parts, so Van Dome company’s innovation in the push-type CVT belt, enjoy the patented technology to protect privileges and a monopoly in the world. The company’s first seven-generation CVT strip has been to meet the power 200kW, torque 400Nm of power transmission. In the 20th century, the late ’80s, CVT success in Japan, and gradually, especially in JATCO company, formed a predecessor, post-drive, CVT-type spectra of different emissions, all this has energetically promoted the cause of the rapid development of CVT in Japan. At present, Japan’s Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., and other auto manufacturers have the choice of models according to their own, and actively carry CVT transmission, equipped with Nissan’s JATCO company’s X-TRONIC CVT already qualified the maximum torque of 350Nm, and intends to further expand the carrying capacity. JATCO company in 2007 in China, Guangzhou Science City, the establishment of a dedicated production of cars for the precursor of a sole proprietorship with the strip-type CVT, the annual output of 14 million units, the sole proprietorship is scheduled in May 2007 was established in 2009 officially put into operation. 2007 Luk held in Shanghai Science and Technology Day, declared for Audi’s A8 sedan provided to carry a new continuously variable transmission torque of 450Nm has been developed and will be available the second half. In recent years, has 80 years of experience in the bearing industry, Japan’s JTEKT Corporation aware of the world’s major automobile manufacturers began to speed up the transformation from the traditional AT to the development trend of CVT to be involved in an efficient and low-noise tooth steel chain manufacturing competition. May 2007 JTEKT Corporation and the Netherlands toothed chain industry company (Dutch company Gear Chain Industrial B.V., referred to as GCI) has signed a highly efficient CVT with a steel chain, an exclusive manufacturing license agreement, JTEKT company plans in 2008 on the market, and in 2012 annual sales of 100 billion yen. According to reports, the J-IC steel chain is capable of carrying large torque, with a metal strip that has been twice as large as the torque capacity of today’s metal belt type CVT torque limit of approximately 400Nm, while the J-IC steel chain, the potential transfer Moment range was already twice the strip, allegedly, J-IC steel chain, the unique structure of steel chain, compared with today, you can significantly reduce the steel chain and sprocket meshing when the impact energy, reducing noise levels. Equipped with a J-IC steel CVT chain CVT can also be more fuel-efficient than the existing 4% -5%, which will possibly cause the CVT more market appeal, so CVT range of applications in the vehicle to be even greater expansion. J-IC industry will wait and see the future of the steel chain, the market performance. DCT Market European companies such as VW, ZF, GETRAG, Luk, Ricardo, Magneti Marrelli, GIF, etc. to cultivate mechanical automatic transmission than the North American, Japanese companies are more efforts and has made remarkable achievements in recent years. Today in a variety of cars, the application of AMT, SMG, DCT (DSG) most, is the most successful European company. Issued a number of gearbox manufacturers in Europe, “dual-clutch automatic transmission with DCT will be rapid development” of the notice. According to a large number of experiments show that there are levels with the conventional automatic transmission compared to wet DCT with AT compared to a 15% increase in fuel efficiency, fuel-efficient DCT-dry wet DCT is even higher than 15%. Wet and dry clutch is the future of the most critical DCT technology, not only can effectively reduce fuel consumption, but also for the hybrid powertrain to build a good platform to further reduce fuel consumption. In addition, the hybrid application technology also helps to enter the fuel cell era, Getrag company is focusing on developing hybrid variable speed drive technology and devices, recently announced a partnership with Bosch Getrag’s hybrid power systems in the DCT fields. February 9, 2007, Getrag Corporation and Daimler – Chrysler Corporation signed a memorandum of understanding to be in North America by Getrag Corporation Daimler – Chrysler Corporation develops and manufactures DCT. Getrag company plans to expand in the global effort DCT market, is expected by 2015, Getrag’s DCT output will reach 2.4 million units or more when the global DCT production of about 550 million units. In June 2007 Volkswagen announced that the latest release of the DQ200-type 7-speed DCT, in order to improve efficiency and performance, using a pair of the dry-type clutch to replace the original 6-speed dual-clutch wet, its compact size, the length of only 369mm, the quality of only 79kg, can be applied to a variety of models of vehicles. 7-speed DCT production is expected to be completed by end of 2007. United States Borg Warner (BorgWarner) is the world’s production and supply of DCT with a well-known technology and products company is the main supporting DCT Volkswagen factory.

China’s Shanghai Automotive Gear Factory will be the Borg-Warner DualTronic products, the first five partners. However, DCT’s development costs and built a huge investment in new plants, if there is not enough strength to work on the DCT is not a very easy thing to do, while there are certain risks of changing market developments.

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