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The California All-State Youth game was an explosive match-up of California’s top youth football players from the North and South regions. The Southern California region swept 3 games over the North providing highlight reels on every level. North QB Andre Aguilar and Turlock running back Drew Velasquez pounded the south on the ground to take an early lead in the first half. 6th grade South QB Hank Bachmeier and running back Noah Lopez stole the show in the second half as they steamed rolled the North 6th grade all-stars on the ground to help secure the victory for the South.

The most exciting game played during the day was between the 7th grade North and South All-Stars. The 7th grade South All-Stars were stacked with future superstars all over the field, from California’s fastest kid Rasheed “ Speedy” Nailor to powerhouse running backs Javon Mitchell, Travis Tulasi, and the train Micah Edwards.  The 7th-grade south All-Stars posed many matchup problems for the North All-Stars as the game rolled on. North QB John Chamilbide was a workhorse on the ground and in the air as he connected with Jaden Enriquez several times to keep the game close in the first half. The 7th grade South All-Stars led by San Diego QB Moses Mooney was just too much for the North in the second half.

The main event of the night showed no signs of slowing down for the Southern region All-Stars as the 8th-grade teams took the field. The North All-Stars fought hard throughout the night behind the arms of QBs Jordan Love and Aaron Daggs. Both QBs hooked up with Tulare WR Stephen Morin on several occasions. The North coaches launched a balanced offensive attack behind Porterville running back Isaiah Jones but the South All-Stars just proved to be too much to handle. South QBs Tommy Castillo and Quentin Davis connected with standout receiver Blake Rutherford on several occasions to help lead the South past the North all-stars.

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