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Tips for Saving Internet Data Packages

Tips for Saving Internet Data Packages – Now, the internet has become one of the most crucial things. A day without the internet will certainly make you feel like someone who is in a daze because you are confused about what to do. Especially if you are someone who has a profession that requires full interaction with the internet. Surely you can not work optimally without the internet.

But what if it’s the other way around? You are not someone with a profession that requires struggling with the internet. Does that mean you don’t need the internet? So, can you go about your days without the internet?

Back again to the nature of the internet which is now very crucial. Whether it is used to support work, education, or others, the internet indeed has quite a big role in everyday life.

Given how important the internet is, for those of you who may still often have thin pockets or that means you have to save on internet data packages, don’t worry if your data package runs out, because there is a MatahariMall Data Package that is always ready if you run out of internet packages. tips that can be done to save internet data packages.

Make sure the “Maps” feature on the phone is in Offline mode

You certainly don’t realize that this Maps feature is actually draining internet data. The lack of insight into this makes most people always activate the Maps feature even when not in use. Even though it actually sucks up your internet quota.

Especially if you use the Maps feature to use the built-in navigation service, turn-by-turn directions, to view maps in satellite mode, of course, all of these are very draining on internet data usage. Thus, you should change the Maps settings to Offline mode when not in use so that your internet data usage can be minimized.

Take advantage of the “Mailbox” application for Email needs

Internet data will be reduced a lot if you use your phone to download attachments or open messages that come in an email. Even though the amount of quota that is sucked in depends on the size of the attachment, your internet data will still decrease.

To overcome this, you should use the Mailbox application from Dropbox. This application can be used for those of you who already have a smartphone or android phone. This application is able to help you save data that should not be drained.

Choose an efficient browser

Download the “Opera Mini” browser which can save data primarily because it can compress the sites you visit. The data-saving feature in this application can reduce the buffer process and can improve image quality without having to suck up large amounts of internet quota.

These are tips that you can apply to save your internet data package. However, if the data package has already run out, you can buy a MatahariMall data package. You can buy it whenever and wherever you are. It provides various data package options according to your needs and the operator you use. That way you can still exist surfing on social networks and other sites. I hope this article is useful!

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